Disney's Epcot Orlando, Japanese treasures

Well, I’m back! After almost three weeks of enjoying a lovely holiday in Orlando Florida. Some seriously relaxing times with a lot of Disney fun. As I wrote in my earlier blogs we were going to try and visit a nice Japanese store there, to find some fun japanese treasures. And we succeeded!

Disney’s Epcots World Showcases has its own miniature Japan, with it’s store Mitsukoshi. The shop has an excellent collection of all kinds of typically
Japanese things, but I was most interested of course in the gaming goodies.


They had a lot of Pokemon things, Mario stuff and cool Zelda t-shirts. I couldn’t resist buying some small things ( gotta be able to fit it in my suitcase of course) and even though I have no idea of what this candy bag contains exactly, this candy made me think of my gaming friend BriBri, who I know is absolutely loving this Anpanman game on which the candy is based. I guess only another gaming fanatic will understand how awesome it felt to browse through the store and see all this fun stuff!



  1. You’re so lucky, Yvonne – I’m totally jealous! I’ve been fantasizing about a Japan trip for months now, and this place would be the closest thing we have here lol (even if it is just a miniscule version). I want those Snerdles candies and classic NES lanyward! (Wish you’d texted me some pics while you were there. I’d be in hog heaven with all the gaming merch,)

    1. It was fun to see, though I would have wanted even more gaming merchandise. But then the store is about all things Japanese, and not just gaming. Maybe we should get to saving towards a trip to Japan!

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