DLC for the Lost Valley

Some time ago I wrote about Harvest Moon the Lost Valley. This game wasn’t a release in the series we normally associate with Harvest Moon. It’s still about farming but it has made some interesting choices, which you will either hate or love. The game starts in winter, and unless you find a way to unlock every season, you will see a white world every day. There is no town to go and socialize, and the interaction with the people that you find from time to time is a bit repetitive. Then why did I keep playing this game? Because I like the graphics, and the quest to unlock the seasons. And what I like most is the way you can change the landscape, digging, adding mountains, making waterways. But, seeing all the divided opinions online about the game, I guess you either like it or hate it! What I wanted to mention though, for those of you that did buy it, that we finally have some DLC for the game! You get a set  of new clothes and one set of hairstyles for which you will find in your closet. And one set of outfits is downloadable so you will be able to buy it from Catharine. Both DLC sets are free, so get to downloading! Harvest moon, lost valley, DLC, outfits

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