Doomsday Vault Review Ladies Gamers

Doomsday Vault Review

Game: Doomsday Vault
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Action
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, Epic Games Store & Apple arcade)
Developer | Publisher: Flightless
Age Rating: US Everyone | EU 3+
Price: US $19.99 | UK £17.99 | EU € 19,99
Release Date: August 05, 2021

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Doomsday Vault is a short, sweet puzzle game about what will be left to save after the end of the world. It’s got not only a great message but also is as adorable as can be.

Gameplay and Story

The story of Doomsday Vault is rather basic: You are an astronaut, come back to a pollution-ravaged Earth to try and recover as many plants as possible. You save them by reproducing them in your lab from seeds and live plants still clinging to life. Considering how dark the whole theme of the game is, it’s incredibly cute, giving the same sort of feeling that the Pixar movie Wall-E did back in 2008.

Doomsday Vault Review LadiesGamers
Our cute ship!

The gameplay is equally simple; players search through the world, finding batteries to open doors, jumping over obstacles, and moving platforms in order to dig and climb your way to the next plant. Players replay each level in order to find each of the seeds or plants from that level, giving the game a length that it would not otherwise have.

Shifting through the wrecked world looking for plant life, players get to unlock different skins and colors for their astronauts. After customizing the suit to your liking, it’s time to head out into dangerous places. Plants are hiding in all sorts of places, and players will have to solve environmental and logic puzzles to figure out how to get to each of them.

Doomsday Vault Review LadiesGamers
The Earth is no longer livable for humans, but some plants have survived.

The Pros of Doomsday Vault

This game is adorable. The color scheme is bright, cheerful, and almost makes you forget how bleak a future it is set in. It has a fabulous message about saving the Earth while we still can before it gets to the point where humans can no longer survive on it. The customizable suit makes it even more precious; the game seems like it would be a great primer for younger gamers of almost any age to start learning about cleaning up the environment.

Doomsday Vault Review LadiesGamers
So cute!

The gameplay is easy to master, but the puzzles get harder and harder. There are a few basics that are introduced to the player during gameplay, which is the way all tutorials should be made. During the starting map, we get to see how movement, picking up objects and placing them works. Players get to find their first tree hidden inside of a maze of old buildings. After that, they are brought back to the lab to plant and clone it, keeping those plant species alive and thriving.

Doomsday Vault Review LadiesGamers
Grow crops, unlock plants, and fuel them with batteries you find.

The Cons of Doomsday Vault

The game is sadly very short. For the price you pay for it on Switch (especially since it’s on Apple Arcade), it seems like a lot is missing. The levels are all short, and even though you play through them all several times, there’s just not a lot of content. That being said, more content is on the way; the developer has promised some additional levels and challenges for the game but without a release date.

Doomsday Vault is great fun to play on Switch, and it will most likely be worth the price tag in the future. But as it stands, it’s a little pricey for the amount of gameplay. Especially considering that there is not really any replayability.

Doomsday Vault Review LadiesGamers
The puzzles go from basic to incredibly challenging.


Doomsday Vault is cute, short, and sweet. It’s got a great message and an adorable little spaceman you get to control. The puzzles are fun, and the dev has promised more puzzles are on the way. Overall, I love this game. The only thing I dislike is the price.

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot
I like it a lot

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