Dr Mario World Coming to Mobile on July 10th

Puzzle fans rejoice!  Nintendo’s next mobile game is Dr Mario World!  The game is due to release for both iOS and Android devices on 10th July.  Players can also pre-register their interest right now via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.  Sadly, my Dr Mario skills are limited, but I can’t wait to try and improve them on mobile.  The game appears to offer several new features, a variety of stages, and gameplay elements.

Dr Mario challenges players to eradicate virus’ by aligning them with same colour capsules.  Sadly, monetising limitations are included, which is typical for free-to-play games.  I would rather purchase the game outright and avoid free-to-play limitations, but it seems Nintendo doesn’t want the negative press that Super Mario Run received on launch.

Check out the trailer below for more information.


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