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Dragon Caffi Review

Game: Dragon Caffi
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, RPG
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam,(Windows))
Developers | Publishers: Ddraig House Game Studio, ROKiT GAMES
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $29.99 | UK £21.99 | EU € 29,99
Release Date: March 21st, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Ddraig House Game Studio.

Dragon Caffi is an open-world puzzle adventure game developed and published by Ddraig House Game Studio.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers

Margo the Fox Spirit

In Dragon Caffi, you play as young Margo, a happy-go-lucky little fox spirit adopted into a family of dragons. Margo is in the final stage of her studies to become a world-class baker. She has been sent to finish her studies in the world of Aethwy. Our little fox wants to make everyone happy with her wonderful three-star cooking and collect enough Sky tokens to take her cooking to distant lands.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Margo is in her new house.

Margo is very cute; I love how the developers have animated Margo. And how much enthusiasm she puts into swinging her little cooking ladle at plants to collect Groots (money). However, unfortunately for Margo, her recipe book is void of recipes, and she can’t cook without the recipes.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Cut plants for Groot

Complete Quests and Puzzles

By completing quests and puzzles from the NPCs, Margo is rewarded with a new recipe. Quests such as finding a pair of missing spectacles or returning sheep to their field for the owner, to name a few. All the quest givers have stories to tell Margo, so you learn more about each NPC as you play the game.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Some of the shops.

In Margo’s house there’s a large cooking pot, and it is here that Margo cooks up some wonderful sweet desserts, such as Triple Chocolate cookies and Custard Tarts. The pot reminds me of a Witch’s cauldron as it has a similar look and takes up one side of the room.

Cooking is played as a mini-game as you must only add ingredients to the cooking pot required in the recipe. However, the dastardly Zombooshies have escaped from their pen in Whooly Wood. Zombooshies are tiny creatures made from fabric who like nothing better than to cause mayhem and mischief in the town, preferably while Margo is cooking.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Cooking in the pot

Play a Mini-Game to Cook

To cook, you press the button to correspond with the prompt on the screen which makes the right ingredients for the recipes fall into the cooking pot. The Zombooshies “help” by adding unwanted ingredients into the mini-game, which you have to make sure don’t go into the pot.

Accidentally pressing too many wrong buttons and adding the ingredients from the Zombooshies, the recipe won’t get three stars or worse: you end up with a Zombooshie Cake. The mini-games aren’t hard to play; the whole game is a delightful experience about helping others and finding joy in bringing them their favourite dessert. Once you have cooked the three-star recipe you return to the recipe giver and give them the dessert, in return they give you a Sky token.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
recipe book

Lots to see in Aethwy

Travelling around the wonderful world of Aethwy, you’ll come across many characters ready to share their favourite recipes with you to cook, using ingredients you’ve bought or foraged. Margo can swing her ladle and cut down plants for Groots, which she uses to buy the ingredients for most of her recipes from the numerous shops dotted around the area.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Colourful world

Sky Tokens

As you progress in the game you gain enough Sky Tokens to unlock the other areas in the game. Margo’s house can be moved from one area to another for a costly price of 1000 Groots. In doing so it saves Margo time running back and forth in the game.

At the start of the game, I found that Groots (money) were hard to find as not every plant can be cut down for Groots, I thought the game’s balance was off. But as you progress through the game and open up more areas, you can find plenty of Groot to buy the ingredients with.

dragon caffii LadiesGamers
different environments to visit


Margo is not only a cook, she also learns a few magic spells on her journey around Aethwy. In addition, the spells are all helpful either to Margo or the NPCs in the areas. There are five spells to learn, such as the Lullaby Spell that can charm the fruit of the trees so she can use the fruit in her recipes. Or a spell to make rain to water flowers and help to keep the garden watered.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Playing in the town band

Visuals and Controls

Visually Dragon Caffi is gorgeous, with bright and colourful hand-painted scenes. The game makes you happy while playing it. The music is catchy and lovely to listen to.

The game is controlled with the joy-cons, and the controls work well. The game crashed on me twice while I was playing it: kicking me out to the menu screen on the Switch. Margo also got stuck in some scenery at times. Also, I wasn’t able to pick up some Groot as it got stuck and couldn’t be reached, so maybe a little update would fix that.

Dragon Caffi LadiesGamers
Using magic to get the fruit of the trees


If exploring a beautiful world and helping folk out and listening to their stories is what you enjoy in a game then Dragon Caffi is the game for you. It is a delightful, charming, peaceful (no combat) and relaxing game to play, one that keeps you smiling as you play it.

Final Verdict: I Like It A Lot  I like it a lot


  1. Every time I do the mini game to learn the music spell I’m told I “wasn’t that good do I want to try again?” Anyone know the secret?

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