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Dragon Quest Builders 2 for Switch

Really, I really should be relaxing and not think about gaming. And to be honest, I haven’t played anything ever since I left my Switch at home. Not even a game on my 3DS during our long, long flight. Somehow it wasn’t meant to be. I did read five books by now though. Still, I couldn’t stay silent when this great announcement was made at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017.

You see, Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been announced for PS4 and for the Switch too!  Now this is big news to me. I played the first game on my Vita, and absolutely loved it. It made it to my Game of the Year 2016, and that’s saying something. If you love gathering resources and managing them with lots of freedom to build and create the world around you, this could be your game too. The RPG element is not pretty difficult,  not at first, but the farther you go, the harder it becomes.

Here’s what I wrote about the first game back then! 

Anyway, see the trailer below. Notice the way you can fly in the new game, and build under water too. Really makes me happy to know this new game is going to come to Switch too, it’ll make the Switch library much richer for me! Plus, on the Vita the screen tended to be a bit small for me to see everything. Will be much better on the Switch!


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