DS games I actually finished!

Remember my first blog about mood-swings in gaming? Well, at the moment I’m much into 3DS gaming again. The DS is my first gaming love, started gaming at a relatively late in life, I was 42 when I bought my first DS Lite. Since then I’ve played an astounding amount of games, and I read up on anything Nintendo that I can find. Which explains why I know when a game is to be released that I’ll probably like.

It occurred to me that although I’ve played such a lot of games since 2006, there aren’t many that I’ve actually finished. Awful huh? Chalk it up to the mentioned mood swings in gaming. Sometimes I’m into Lego games, at others I really like RPG games, or SIM-like games.

Anyway, here’s a list of ten games I actually finished, let’s say my stars!
1 Animal Crossing Wild World. My first game, and I’ve played it for 1,5 years straight, every single day. I know New Leaf has much more to offer, but somehow I can’t stick with it like I did with Wild World.
2. Pokemon Platinum. My first Pokemon game, and I really got the Pokevirus! Beat the Elite-4, and still played a long time after that.
3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate. My first experience with an RPG, and I liked it enough to try many more RPG.
4. Viva Piñata Pocket Paradise. Loved it, made me want to buy an XBox! I didn’t reach a 100% by the way because I never found the elusive Jelly.
5. Chibi Robo Park Patrol: a quirky little game, love that little guy! Frankly I don’t understand why his games aren’t more of a success in the West.
5. Okamiden: I played the demo first and almost passed the game by. Decided to buy it on a whim and loved it. The story is really compelling, great RPG.
6. Fire Emblem: Awakening: a gamble for me, I’d never played a strategy game before. But again, compelling storyline and amiable characters.
7. Rune Factory 3: a great combination of farming and questing, I finished this one to the end of the storyline.
8. Might and Magic Clash of Heroes: a hybrid form between a strategy game and a board game. Again, good story!
9. The first two Professor Layton games: I still play their sequels from time to time, but haven’t finished them yet. What makes these games great for me is the storyline and the characters, the puzzles sometimes feel a bit like work to me.
10. Pokemon Ranger, shadows of Almia. Once I had tried the Pokemon games, I couldn’t pass this one up!


  1. A good, well-rounded list, Yvonne! You may not be able to stick with a game much, but you certainly know what you like! Honestly, it’s always nice when a game pulls you in from the beginning and you barely come up for “air” from playing. Too bad they’re all not like that, but it IS very hit-and-miss. A lot of it has to do with rl distractions, and being in that “mood,” as you say. Then again, I haven’t really met a Paper Mario that didn’t suck me in (with a small caveat being the last one – Sticker Star – and even THAT eventually won me over with its charm). 🙂

  2. Congrats on beating Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. I wasn’t able to finish it – too difficult for my feeble brain.

    Most of the guys I buy never get completed. I either get hooked and play it non-stop until I beat the game or play a bit and then move onto something else.

    1. As you might have gathered from my blogs, I’m pretty much the same. But some do grab me and won’t let me go until I’m finished. Clash of Heroes was a bit like reading a Fantasy novel!

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