Easter eggs in Pokemon ORAS

I have finally conquered one flag! In Pokémon Omega Ruby, that is. I know, a lot of you will think that’s kind of simple and even a bit childish on my part to be happy with the one flag, while many of you no doubt have conquered many already. But I was happy with it, the first flag I got in Streetpassing. I have some QR codes of friends too to scan, but their bases just happen to be in an area where I  haven’t been yet, so I can’t reach it for now. I really like the addition of the secret bases in the game, much better than the way the development team handled Streetpassing in Pokemon X&Y.

Is it just me, or is this game much more quirky then X and Y? A lot of Easter eggs, as gamers call them, are found in the game. I’ve seen on Twitter how someone had taken the trouble to transfer one of his original Ruby Pokémon to this new game, and got a certificate in the game signed by GameFreak, commending him on his zeal.
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I considered doing it too, as I still have Pokemon Emerald and a DS Lite, but it seems you have to transfer the PK from Emerald to Platinum, then from Platinum to White, then from White to X. Nah, I think I’ll just read about it in the media, too much trouble.
Another picture I saw on Twitter really made me laugh, being a LOTR fan. I mean this one: Brilliant.

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For those of you who haven’t seen the LOTR movies more times than you can count: this is Boromir’s line at the council of Elrond.

ORAS, easter egg, LOTR, Boromir, Omega Ruby, ladiesgamers


  1. I am going to try this out. First I will need to get the right games. All my old games reset themselves some how. So did my son’s. I would really like to get an Easter Egg for sure.

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