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Emily is back in a Christmas Carol

Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to dive into a game that you already know. A game you enjoyed back then, one that you couldn’t put down. And one that doesn’t alter too much from one game to the next, but that’s okay. Because you love what the game-series has to offer, and you’d just like more. The Delicious Emily games are like that. And now, Emily is back in a Christmas Carol.

You might not expect this mobile game to be anything other then a time management game with goals, and they make you serve your customers as quick as you can. But these management games have a story to them. Following Emily as she goes through life, falls in love, has a little baby girl and seeing her with her growing family. The Delicious games have a good story and that is as important to me as the gameplay is. I know that for some people this might really be irrelevant, but to me, it makes the game all the more fun.

Delicious Emily Christmas Carol, ladiesgamersI wrote about the game series for the first time two years ago, you can find the article here. And now, Emily is back. Back to celebrate Christmas with us! Delicious Emily’s Christmas Carol takes you by the hand to join Emily, Patrick and little Paige in their Christmas celebration.

With nice background music, a sweet story and great Christmas treats to serve in the restaurant, this game is exactly what I have come to expect. You have to find the mouse again, make sure your customers are happy and earn enough money by serving them to get enough stars. Investing the money back into the restaurant makes you customers even happier.Delicious Emily Christmas Carol, ladiesgamers

Earning additional diamonds let’s you invite more and more people to see Paige shine at her school play for the Christmas celebration. In 61 story levels and 31 extra challenge levels you can experience various kitchens and restaurants. You’ll get to enjoy 6 different winter wonderlands too. A great way to get into the Christmas feeling!Delicious Emily Christmas Carol, ladiesgamers

The first 10 levels are free, and through an in-game app purchase you get hours of gaming fun. In my iOS store it’s € 9,99 for the full game. A good price for such a lot of gaming fun!Delicious Emily Christmas Carol, ladiesgamers

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