Enjoying Tomodachi Life

It’s been a little over two weeks ago that Tomodachi Life was released. I downloaded it on day one, and have been enjoying the game. Like I wrote earlier, not really a game though, because life in Sendaria Island goes on, even if I’m not around, though they do miss me when I’m not around. At least, they keep track of how long I’ve been gone, and tell me they missed me! But I try my best to keep the islanders happy when I check in. By the way, the call me “YvoCaro’s look-alike”, so it’s clear where their priorities lie. My little Mii is out shining me!

Here she is, together with my dog Scotty’s Mii playing together with a game puppy ( confusing huh?)

Celebrating the birthday of my dear friend Les!

Attending the wedding of another dear friend Sarah with Bri Bri http://www.japanese3ds.com (don’t let her real life hubbie know!)

And hanging out with Ox (Kenesu).

Meanwhile she has travelled to other islands, where she’s had plenty of adventures. But we will save that for another time!

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