eShop Updates 21st June

It’s Thursday which means it’s time to post news concerning software titles due to release this coming week. We’ve already seen a whole host of releases today, one of those being Pode and you can read Yvonne’s review by clicking the link below. I’ve also received a review code for Lost in Harmony, which I plan to review as soon as possible. My first impressions of Lost in Harmony are very positive and the classical pieces included sound phenomenal!

Tomorrow’s AAA titles are Mario Tennis Aces from Nintendo and The Lost Child from NIS.

Also, please free to identify which titles you plan to purchase by taking part in our weekly poll.

ACA NeoGeo The Last Blade 2 – £6.29/€6,99/$7.99
Musynx – $26.99 (North America Only)
R.B.I Baseball 18 £24.99/€24,99 (Already released in North America)
Johnny Turbo’s Arcade Wizard Fire – $6.99 (North America Only)
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Demo – Free (Also available for 3DS)
D/Generation: The Original – £14.99, €16,99 (Europe Only)
Drawful 2 – £7.99/€8,49/$9.99
Gunbird 2 – £6.99/€6,99/$7.99
The Journey Down: Chapter One – £8.99/€9,99/$9.99
Just Shapes and Beats – £15.09/€16,79 (Already available in North America)
The Lost Child – £49.99/€49,99 (Already available in North America)
Lost in Harmony – £6.29/€6,99/$6.99
Mario Tennis Aces – £49.99/€59,99/$59.99 – 22nd
Minecraft (Bedrock) – £19.99/€29,99/$29,99
Moorhuhn Remake – £5.09/€5,59 (already out in North America)
Pode – £22.49/€24,99/$24.99
Vegas Party – £22.29/€24,99/$24.99

25th June

Lumines Remastered – £13.49/ €14,99/ $14.99
Air Mail – £12.00/€12,99/$13.49 (26th in North America)

26th June

Paranautical Activity – £5.75/€6,39/$7.99
de Blob – £26.99/€29,99/$29.99
Cubikolor – £7.20/€7,99/$8.99
Angels of Death – £10.16/€11,24
Destiny’s Princess: A War Story, A Love Story -/€14,99/$14.99 (18 rated)
Lego The Incredibles – £49.99/€59,99

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  1. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle finally came out for Europe and Australia. I’m still waiting for them to put the character packs up on the Switch e-shop.

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