Etrian Odyssey 5, it has been 4 years!

Lots of news in the Nintendo Direct video’s for Europe and America, but of course, there’s been a Japanese Direct too. And as one of my readers remarked, important news there too! (Thanks for the tip, Revaryk) Because there was news about Etrian Odyssey, an RPG series that I love dearly. Have you ever played an Etrian Odyssey game, whether it’s the original series or one of the spin-offs. One of the things that sets the series apart is the map making: the bottom screen is used to make a detailed map of every dungeon you visit. Because yes, it’s up to you to make sure the map is detailed and contains all information you may need later to do side quests and progress in the game.Map making, dungeon map, yggdrasil

But I digress, back to the news: Etrian Odyssey V; the End of the Long Myth is going to be released in Japan on August 4. It’s been a long time coming, as the last original game, EO IV: Legends of the Titan was released in July 2012, so 4 years! And before you want to raise your voice to correct me: I know that there have been other titles since then, but they where remakes of earlier EO games:
Etrian Odyssey: the Millennium Girl was a remake of the first ever EO game
Etrian Odyssey: the Knight of Fafnir was a remake of the second EO game.
So this will be a truly new game since a long time.Hound class, dungeon, RPG, Arcadia

The outline of the story is still sketchy, but it will revolve around Yggdrasil, the World Tree on the continent of Arcadia, and it will be based in the city of Aolith at the base of the tree. The legend says dreams come true for adventurers who can climb to the summit of the tree. The four characters you see in the image beneath are from the different races: the human type Arslan, the Elf type Lunaria, the dwarves Branii and the Beast Ears Celian.Classes, Arslan, Lunaria, Celian, Branii

Every race will have a couple of specific classes, like the Elf type Lunar, who can be a Necromancer or a Warlock. And the Celian class, they can be Hound class, after the pets that they are able to use. They say the game will have a high degree of creating the characters features as you see fit.

It may still take some time for us in the West to get to play the game. Looking back at The Legend of the Titan, it took 8 months to be released in the US after the release in Japan, and another 6 months after that for it to reach Europe. Still, we are making progress!Etrian Odyssey 5, EO V, End of the Long Myth


  1. I’m so hyped up about this! I can never get too many first-person dungeon crawlers. It’s good to know that we will get this game for sure in Europe, given Atlus’ dedication to localize all the series’ entries so far… Although I hope that we won’t have to wait too long! A late 2016 or early 2017 release could be perfect. Let’s hope for it!

  2. I have never gotten on with this franchise. The map drawing, which is an appeal for some people such as yourself, is a turn off for me. I didn’t even manage to finish the Persona spin-off. If they ever implement a full auto-map feature I might give the series another shot. Yeah, I am lazy 🙂

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