Europe is first! YoKai Watch 3 is close

Well, there’s a first! The new YoKai Watch 3 is coming to Europe first!

We had an American release date of February 8 2019, and a much lager “Winter”  for Europe. I hadn’t expected the news we got today: The game will release in Europe on December 7 on the 3DS and 2DS. I think it’s the first time Europe gets a YoKai game first!

YoKai Watch 3 features two main characters – Nate and Hailey. The two characters are actually playable at the same time; the first half of the game sees Nate move house to the fictional town of St. Peanutsburg, while the other half focuses on Hailey and her partner Yo-kai Usapyon, who run a detective agency together.

Check out the trailer below:

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