Even more laid back handheld games to look forward to in 2019

With 2018 quickly coming to an end, it’s time to publish another list of laid back games I’m really looking forward to. Now, it’s the list of what is known to be coming in 2019. Some of these games you may see on any upcoming game list at the big websites, but I also make it a point of mentioning games that don’t appear on said lists. As coincidence would have it, those are the one most of us at LadiesGamers.com look forward to the most!

A couple of weeks ago I published the list of laid back games I was looking forward to. Click on the image and you’ll find the list. Just in case you are still looking for some good Christmas presents!

Etrian Odyssey Nexus – 3DS – February 5 2019

Do you know the Etrian Odyssey games? They are unique in that they use the lower screen of the 3DS to let you make your own map while progressing in the dungeon. That’s the main reason why I like this turn based strategy RPG. Maybe it’s not actually a very laid back game, but I felt it could use some extra attention!

At the beginning of 2019 the last ever Etrian Odyssey adventure is coming to the 3DS. They are going to make this game into a swansong, incorporating everything the fans kive about the games. And added to that they have made it a good entrance game for newcomers too with a standalone story. Plus, there are a lot of options to customize.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 – 3DS – February 8

The fans of the Yo-Kai watch games have seen a couple of spin-off games in 2018, but they had to wait for the next game in the series. Yo-Kai Watch 3 has been out in Japan since mid 2016, but now we have a date for the West. February 8 in America, for Europe they just say “winter”, which might still mean February 8.

In Japan, the game has seen a couple of meaty updates, adding content and characters to the game. Even more interesting is that the battle system has changed!

Mineko’s Night Market – Switch – early 2019

Mineko’s Night Market is an upcoming cat-themed game, being made by Meowza Games. It’s going to be released on Steam, and was announced for the Switch too! Good news, as Mineko’s Night Market is inspired by games like Animal Crossing, but with a stronger emphasis on story, crafting, and exploration.

You play as Mineko, a curious girl who has just arrived at her new home on a struggling superstitious Japanese-inspired island at the base of Mount Fugu. The locals on the island worship the Sun Cat, Abe. What was always thought to be a long-told myth has the town puzzled, as sightings of Abe have begun to surface among the residents of the island in recent days.

Mineko takes a job as a vendor at the weekly marketplace, and the adventure begins. Fun to see you can grow cats instead of the usual turnips!

Atelier Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists – Switch – Early 2019

Gust has been churning out Atelier titles at an increasing rate. Now I love the series, and even though I was less then impressed with the last one (find my review of Atelier Lydie here) I am looking forward to the new one because Atelier Nelke features town building as well.

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists promises to be a sort of celebratory title, because lots of known names will make a comeback. This is a description of the game.

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World puts players in the shoes of Nelke von Lestamm, a young noblewoman who has always been fascinated by the ancient legend of the Sage of Granzweit; a tale of the Granzweit Tree which is said to bestow great power upon those whom discover it. As she grew up and learned her skills were not in alchemy, she studied hard to become a government official and help those around her. The day Nelke is set to graduate the academy, however, her life changes forever as she hears a rumour that the tree can be found within her father’s lands near the small village of Westwald. Her father grants her permission to search for it on one condition – that she becomes governor of the area and develops Westwald into a prosperous city.

As players work hard to build Westwald up from a quaint village to a flourishing city, they will require the aid of the many alchemists that settle in the town. Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World features famous alchemists from previous entries across the Atelier series, including those from the Salburg, Arland, Dusk, and Mysterious trilogies.

It is coming to the PC, PS4 and the Switch this Winter!

Bee Simulator – Switch – Spring 2019

It’s no secret that I feel the Switch should have more simulation games in its library. Good news: Varsav Game Studios is releasing their new game Bee Simulator on several consoles, and the Switch is one of them. The game is scheduled for release in Spring 2019.

The description Varsav Game Studios gives us is interesting!
” When the first rays of sunlight rise above the horizon, the beehive slowly wakes up. Hierarchy and diligence are vital for the well being of the whole swarm. So you check your wings, measure the antennae degree of deviation, take orders from the Queen, and bee-gin your first independent mission. And that’s just the beginning of your adventures. Suddenly, you learn that people want to cut down the tree that holds your hive. Now your fate – and the fate of your whole family – lies in your small, agile legs and fast wings!

Take part in a race and show your sisters who has the fastest wings in the swarm!

The world of bees is not as carefree as one may think. Wasps and some of the less friendly people will take any chance to ruin your plans. Don’t hesitate to use your sting to save your swarm from enemies.

Animal Crossing – Switch – 2019

It’s been over 5 years now since the last instalment in the series was released. New Leaf on the 3DS was the last one. The WiiU never got its own Animal Crossing game. So ever since the fans have been waiting for a new game for the Switch. And then finally it was announced for 2019.

No indication yet for a further timeframe, though rumours are flying about. Basically, it could be more then a year to wait, I can easily see this game as the main game for the Christmas holidays. But other sources do mention a spring release.

Well, I can wait a bit longer, it’s nice knowing that it’s coming. And to speculate how this game will be different from the earlier ones!

Summer in Mara – Switch- 2019?

Chibig, a Spanish developer, is making this simulation. You’re Koa and you’ll have to take care of your own island, farming the land and crafting new tools in order to survive. You can also sail away with your boat to new islands, meet unique characters and find sunken treasures. But the ocean called Mara, it wants Mara to fulfill her destiny and when it calls, you’ll have to answer.

Seems like our kinda game. Here’s some info from Chibig’s website:

  • You’ll have your own tropical island.
  • Plant, grow and harvest your own food and manage your island and resources.
  • Unravel the mystery of Mara and protect the sea from a evil corporation.
  • Sail all over your archipelago and find new islands and treasures.
  • Meet over twenty characters and befriend them.
  • Help Koa to grow and improve her abilities.
  • With an amazing 3D cell shading look and beautiful 2D illustration.
  • A game about little details that seeks to constantly surprise the player.

No news yet on when the game will actually be ready. There’s been talk of Summer 2019, but the development still has some way to go. It is on the Square Enix Collective now until mid November, looking for votes, so if you want to check into it, find the link here. After that, a Kickstarter campaign will follow in February.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats – Switch – 2019?

One of the simulation games that did very well on both the DS and the 3DS was Nintendogs ( and later, Nintendogs & Cats). So with Nintendo dragging their heels in making a new one, developer Imagineer decided to go for it.

Recently announced in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is an upcoming pet simulation game for Nintendo Switch. Judging by the scarce images available it definitely took a page from the popular series. The game is set to be released in Japan on 6th December. No news yet of a Western release though.

GardenPaws – Switch – 2019?

Another Kickstarter game that promises to be a good one if you like simulation type games. The clip looks promising, plus the Kickstarter goal has already been reached. More then reached: stretch levels have been reached too, including a Switch version.

The game will come to Steam Early Access this December. For the Switch version we will have to wait another year, till December 2019. Here’s what the people behind the project, Daniel Snd and Kristina Vandale, wrote to describe Garden Paws:

Garden Paws is a relaxing role-playing game that you can play which ever way you want to. Create your perfect simulation, whether you want to spend your days farming, exploring, fishing, questing or fighting.

In Garden Paws you have inherited your grandparents farm as they set off to travel the world. Work with Frank at the local construction shop to finish off the final touches on your new home. Aid Frank and Mayor Wilson in building up the town so it can reach its full potential.

To build up the town you need coins, what better way to earn those then by running a shop! Explore the islands and its caves to collect everything from flowers to poop to sell in your shop. Over time and with each building built, new townsfolk sail to the island with new items for purchase and quests to complete.

The game includes customising your animal character with special skins and accessories. Plus it has online multiplayer. Sounds very good indeed!

Re: Legend – Switch – 2019?

Another Kickstarter project that managed to fund enough to not only make the game for Steam, but for the Switch as well. And another farming simulation RPG. We are going to be spoiled!

This is what the developer describes:

Washed ashore on Vokka Island without memories, you must start a new life and find ways to recover your lost memories. In order to do so, you must first learn how to survive on the island by cultivating the land, befriending villagers, expanding the village and raising your very own magical creature known as “Magnus”.
Venture around the land of Ethia where vokka island resides to reclaim your memories is no easy task as the world is filled with dangerous Magnus and threatening challenges.

The thing with Re: Legend is that it’s a bit quiet when it comes to release dates. I’m pretty sure lots is going behind the screens, judging by this summers news updates about choosing the designs for the various Magnus. But no date, not even for early Steam access. Nothing to do but wait.

Witchbrook – Switch – 2019?

Spellbound is now officially named Witchbrook. A game I would really love to see come to life, but it’s gone very quiet in the media. Chucklefish, also behind popular Stardew Valley, is very busy with Wargroove and multiplayer for Stardew. But I haven’t given up hope that it will be a Switch title in the future.

CEO Brice describes Spellbound as a “wizard-school sim” inspired by a host of popular fantasy series. There’s a bit of Harry Potter in there, but also Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series, Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series, and Studio Ghibli’s animated films, with a dash of Steven Universe.

Now I happen to be a big fan of the Tiffany Aching series of books, and I love the artwork of Studio Ghibli. So, all good news as far as I’m concerned.

All I can say is Crivens!


That’s the list I have right now. Although I try to keep informed about new games and kickstarter campaigns, some do escape my attention. So if you want to tip me about a game that might be just the thing for us, find me on Twitter @ladiesgamers or on Facebook LadiesGamers page.Of course, you can add you thoughts in the comments on here too! 


  1. Is Etrian Odyssey relaxing to play? Haha I guess that’s a difference of playstyle cause EOIV: Legends of the Titan stressed me out! That being said, I adored the mapping aspect and wish that I liked the battle system because exploring and playing cartographer was so much fun. Until I got ripped in half by an FOE and lost my progress…

    I forgot that you are a Yokai Watch fan! I am currently playing through 2 and just finished Yokai Watch Blasters (really chill game to run around in btw). I think I may wait for 4 on the Switch although 3 looks awesome. They really changed it up, or so it looks anyway.

    1. Haha, yeah, I wondered who was gonna pick up on that! I just couldn’t resist putting it on the list as most gamers I know shy away from EO. and the map making is just such fun to do!

      Well, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Yo-Kai Watch fan, but I am interested in it. I tend to keep an eye on Level 5 anyway, so many good games from them.

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