Fae Farm Guide To Get You Started

As you know, the saying here on LadiesGamers by now, when we love a game, we try to make a guide! Paula and I are both playing Fae Farm and bought it on release day. Our review of Fae Farm is here. Suffice it to say that the verdict is a positive one; we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

We wanted to publish this guide to get you started. Be assured that we will add to it as we go along. So bookmark this guide, and keep your eye on it!

Getting Started

Landing on the world of Azoria, you are greeted by the mayor. She talks a lot and tells you many things, but not everything is as simple as you’d want to. We gathered stuff that’s nice to know:

Changing the name of the world and your home: Press up so your cursor blinks in the box with the old name. When in the name box, you need to press A, and you get a keyboard. When you have put your name in, press A again.

Once you have done the first quest, to find your farmstead and open the surprise box there, you must return to Merrit, the Mayor. Don’t return to the shore; she is right next to your house.

image shows the character talking to the mayor outside the homestead house
Talk to the mayor.

The mayor leaves some things out, most importantly, the + button. You can access the inventory ( which you can also access through D-Pad up), but here you also find the Almanac, the Calender, Progression and your Quests. There’s a Map, a Dungeon tracker, you see Relationships and a Multiplayer mode. Here, you can also see the Settings, a Save button, Quit to the title and a Help button (in the form of a ladder).

 the character stannding in the field at the homestead with the menu open
Quit to the title in the menu.

Are you confused when she gives you the quest to make the round woven stool? Go into the house and press the down D-Pad. A grid is now showing on the screen. Press down again and find the construction screen, showing the stool for which you need ten plant fibres. 

image shows the crafting screen
the crafting screen

After that, you build an outdoor cooking fire in the area where you first got your materials. You can use the arugula to make grilled greens. When doing that, don’t forget to press X to claim the greens. Otherwise, it looks like there’s a sparkling wrapped package next to the fire that you can’t pick up.

Farming is done by first making a soil square in the construct screen. Position the soil into a 9-tiled 3x3x3 area. Your character can stand on the middle patch of soil and will water or plant seeds around them. You just have to move the icon over the patch of soil you want to water. You can refill your watering can at the well on the homestead, or if you go swimming in the sea or lake, that will also refill your watering can. 

watering the crops at rhe homestead
watering the crops

Sleeping: The day finishes at Midnight. However, when you hear the wolf howl at 11 p.m., that’s your hour warning that the day is about to end. If you don’t go to bed before midnight, the game will automatically send you home and end the day. However, you don’t lose any items or health when that happens.

Press – to open the map up. The Fae Farm map will show you the whole world of Azoria, with different areas such as east and west and so on. If you have a quest for a particular NPC, you can find them on the map by clicking on the NPC on the map (if you have a quest, there is a little diamond icon beside their face and name, and the icon shows up in a particular area where that NPC is) once you click on the NPC and return to the map, the game will lead you to that NPC by showing you the way. By the way, when you get multiple requests, you can click on an area in the map, see all NPCs that reside there and again, click on their image to track the quest.

image shows a brown in-game map showing all the NPC's
world map, you can click on an NPC to find out where they are

Storage shed: The shed on your farm is for storage, and as far as we can tell, it is endless storage, meaning you can store whatever you want in whatever quantity, bliss! You can also choose how your goods are presented, by type or alphabetically.

Press the L shoulder button to store all quantities of an item instantly. Additionally, as you unlock new areas of Azoria, you’ll unlock new storage sheds for your Home Storage. Luckily, all storage sheds are connected to your Home Storage at the Homestead. 

Cozy Factor: Add furniture, wallpaper, flooring and items to your home to make it more cozy and increase your Cozy Factor. By doing so, you will increase your Health, Energy and Mana. 

Cozy Cabin Variety Pack

When you’ve bought the game before release, you will get the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack. In physical form for Switch, you will find a code that you must redeem in the eShop like you normally do with codes.

In the game, you will find the content sent to you in a letter in the mailbox. You get the recipes for the Farmhouse Rug, the Garden Birdhouse and the Log Bench; these can be crafted as soon as Chapter 1. As you progress further, you can craft the Farmhouse Wallpaper, Farmhouse Flooring and Animal Portrait.

Aside from that, you get the Casual Cozy Farmer Outfit, the Casual Cozy Cap and Straw lower face accessory. Claim them in the mailbox by pressing Y, and these can be adorned in your Inventory at Edit Outfit (button under the items in your inventory).

The letter in your mailbox telling you what is in the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack
The letter in your mailbox telling you what is in the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack

Flower Soil: to make soil squares in your farm for flowers, you need different ingredients from the normal ones like clay and soil. You need mulch, and you can find that in the spooky forest. Work around the grey magical mists that won’t let you cross to find the patches you need.


Fae Farm features multiplayer with up to three of your friends online or over local wireless. You can find the multiplayer option under the + menu. Of course, you need to be online and logged into Phoenix Labs for this. Press Y on the multiplayer screen, and the little dot next to your name on the left lower bottom will turn green.

You can add a friend when you know their Phoenix Labs name. When you first start a new game, it asks you if you want to make (or already have) a Phoenix Labs account. It’s very easy to make, and the name that’s assigned to you is the name under which your friends can find you. Press X on the multiplayer screen. You will get the option to search for the names of your friends. To access the search bar, press the A button while the cursor blinks in the “Add by ID” bar. Remember, you need a Switch Online membership to play online, and multiplayer allows for four players on one farm.

multiuplayer screen with four options, Phoenix Labs, World invites, Host local and Host online
Multiplayer screen

You will see this screen for Multiplayer. In it, you can manage your Phoenix Labs Friends list, see the invites someone sent to you, and Host Locally or Host Online.

When someone sends you an invite, you will see it under World Invites. You can also see it on the Switch Friends screen outside of the game. Go to your profile on the Home Screen of the Switch, and find the invitations in the sidebar. 

friends invite screen
When you press Player 2 on this screen, it’ll go to the Friends tab, and you can invite Phoenix Labs friends and Switch friends.

You can also invite someone to your world by choosing Host Online. You choose the Phoenix Labs friends you want to invite. But if someone isn’t a Phoenix Labs friend yet, you can also choose Invite Nintendo Switch Friends (the button below the textbox). It sends you to the friends you have on your Switch, but do know you can’t see if someone already has Fae Farm.

There’s a way around that, though. Go to your Mii page, and choose Trending with Friends in the left sidebar. See Fae Farm there? Clicking on the game’s image, you will see which friends have the game going. And if you want, you can invite them within the game, not on this page.

image of friends page from the Nintendo Switch
Check your friend’s page.

The Actual Online Play

Once you’ve opened your “gates”, your friends may join you while you are playing. So you can just go about your business while they find your invite.

When you join someone’s world, the game starts by asking you to make a character like it does when you play the game for the first time. I’m not sure yet why, and as Paula and I have only played together, I don’t yet know if the game also asks it for the next world I’d visit.

While there are several players in your world, each can pull up the screen below by pressing right on the D-Pad. You can choose to send a message just to your host or to all players.

the in-game message wheel.
Send messages to other players.

You can specify (following the hands of the clock) what you need for materials or items, request to follow you, ask to ‘go to’ (meaning, to join you), build, to resend the last message, ‘on my way’, ‘I’m busy’ and ‘Okay’.

in-game emote wheel
Emote wheel

You can also use emojis much like we could in Animal Crossing by pressing left on the D-Pad. You see a circle of choices like the one above. The emojis look good too!

You can do pretty much anything when you are in someone else’s world. Access the storage shed, pick up things, water the plants, chop a tree, pick a crop…this seems pretty scary; you’d have to trust someone explicitly.

But none of these things go with you once you return to your own world. It’s like you really create another character when you visit another world. Still, the effects of what you do is permanent in the world you visit. And if the other player is further along, you can join them in adventures you haven’t unlocked yet.

online multiplayer screen where you can click leave to leave a player farm
Click on Leave Game to leave.

If you want to leave, just go back to Multiplayer under + and choose (Hold) Leave Game. Sadly, it won’t return you to your house,  but to the start menu. Hopefully, they will change this in the next update.

The Map and Shops

Town Center

You’ll find most of the shopkeepers in the town where the market stalls are. From the top right, as you enter the market:
Willow: Treemendous Trees Sells tree saplings and wallpaper.
Holly: Holly’s Seed Shop Sells vegetable seeds and fertiliser
Aspen: Aspen’s Cozy Construction Town carpenter sells upgrades for your home.
Emily: Emily’s Eccentric Extra sells storage and wallpapers.
Charles: Charles Comfy Creations sells books, bookshelves and wallpaper
Millie: Wonderful Wearables, sells clothes and hats
Skye: Supplies and Sundrys, sells wallpaper, extra storage for your bag and small furniture items

Fae farm world map
World map with all NPCs


At the docks, there is a large building with two entrances:

Right side:
August: Haute Cuisine sells various cooked food and cooking utensils for your house.

Middle of the building
Kasper: Comfy Critter Inn sells various drinks

The left side of the same building
Frida: Innkeeper, she will give you tips on romance and friendship.

Just along from the large building, you’ll find the Chairwoman of the Merchants Guild,
Pearl: Merchant Guild Shop sells flooring, and an unlock produce stand.

Inside the Merchant Guild building is:
Jade: sells items to distant ports.

Stay-A-Way Bay

In Stay-A-While Bay, you’ll find:

Eddy: Rod and Reel Shop sells fishing items.

Plains of Plenty

Up two sets of steps on the left from Stay-A-Bay is Plains of Plenty:

Rita: Eager to teach anyone who comes for her lessons. 

Up the steps from Rita, you will find:

Earline: Cluck and Doe Shop sell animals for you to care for.

Loretta: Provides animal breeding services for Chickoo and Cottontail animals and sells charms in her Chicks and Kits shop.

Above Earline and Loretta, you’ll find:

Patel: Provides breeding services for Mamoo and Woolyhorn animals and has a shop, Pasture Pals, which sells animal charms

Miles: Postman delivers letters around the island.

Jeremiah: Sells Mamoo and Woolyhorn animals and upgrades their trough.

In the house on the path below the homestead, you’ll find:

Dominic: Fresh out of the Oven shop that sells cooking ingredients.

image chows the games character chatting to an NPC in the Inn
Chatting to Frida in the Inn

East town

Alaric: the wisest wizard in town and the only wizard.
Ginger: healers apprentice
Vera: House of Healing, sells potions

Verdant Valley

Drak: A trainer to lead you to victory

Merrit, the Mayor, eventually opens a flower shop in the Town hall;


Nessa: A fisherwoman who loves the ocean,

Docks, right-hand side from the beach where Nessa is, you’ll find:

Cinder: the town blacksmith, sells tools (eventually)

The next building along is the town hall.

West Town

Cleo: Semi-retired adventurer. She gives keys to unlock the dungeons and tips.
Mel:  Millions of Bees Shop sells nets and wallpaper.

Weather Seasons in Fae Farm

Fae Farm has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season brings with it new creatures, new fish, new items to forage and, of course, new crops.

If you have crops planted when the seasons change, you will lose them all on the morning of the season change. Your crop plots will still be there, but unfortunately, any crops you have planted will have withered and died. You can easily remove them with the sickle and replant seasonal crops.

Fae Farm beverage screen
beverage machine

Additionally, as the seasons change, your character will react by getting over warm in summer and cold in winter and will pause while working. Using the Beverage Station, you can craft drinks such as Iced Tea to keep you cool and Green tea to warm you up, which lasts for four hours once your character drinks a beverage.

Upgrading Tools and Equipment

Your fishing rod, bug net and magic staff are upgraded as you progress the storyline or reach certain levels such as fishing and bug catching levels. Press Y to use the magic on your upgraded tools and equipment.

Fishing rod: Once you reach fishing levels 3, 5, and 7, you can purchase new rods from Eddy, the fisherman at the Docks.

Bug net: Once you have caught enough bugs to reach catching levels 3, 5, and 7, you purchase new nets from Mel, the beekeeper.

Magic staff: The only way to upgrade the staff is to play the game. As the storyline progresses, the wand will be upgraded.

Talk to Cinder to Upgrade your other Tools

All your other Fae Farm tools are upgraded by collecting and processing resources. Once you have the resources ready, head to Cinder at the docks and pay her some gold and the resources to upgrade your tools.

As you upgrade your tools, they can do so much more when cutting down or mining resources. With each update, the area of resources you can cut down increases. For example, the watering can will simultaneously water to more crop squares.

The tools come in Copper, Iron, Feyrite, Silver, Orichalcum and Gold. Every tool upgrade costs a set amount of resources. So, for the first upgrade, you will need one ingot of copper and 100 Florins.

For each upgrade, the number of ingots and Florins needed increases:

Copper Axe – 1 copper ingot and 100 Florins.

Iron Axe – 2 Iron Ingots and 500 Florins.

Feyrite Axe – 3 Feyrite Ingot and 1,500 Florins.

Silver Axe – 4 Silver ingots and 2,500 Florins.

Orichalcum Axe – 3 Orichalium and 3,500 Florins.

Gold Axe – 5 Gold ingots and 5,000 Florins.

Upgrades for all the other tools, such as Pickax, Sickle, Shovel, and Watering Can, all follow the same pattern as the upgrades for the Axe using the equivalent resources and Florins. You may start saving your Florins to be able to afford all the upgrades.

How To Get Recipes

Unlocking new crafting recipes in Fae Farm can be achieved in several ways. Exploring new areas and discovering resources will unlock various crafting recipes. As your skills improve, you’ll gain access to new crafting possibilities. Advancing the game’s story and completing quests can also grant you new crafting recipes. Finally, throughout Azoria, you will find Recipe Scrolls that unlock decorative items, adding a touch of fun to your collection.

Crafting Machines

There are many crafting machines to build

As you advance the storyline, you must build more production machinery to complete all the quests. Each machine you build is part of a production chain; items from one machine are required to supply items to other machines.

To use any of the machines, you must Press A and use the left stick and the A button to add items to the machine. To collect produce from the machine by Pressing the X button.

One of the first things you will build is a Cooking Fire to cook food on. Then, a Stone Forge to turn resources such as ore into Ingot or stone into bricks. A Seal Crafting station is next on the list for making Seals so you can fast Travel in the dungeons and around Azoria.

A Lumber Station is required to process wood from trees into lumber and plank flooring. Also, you will need to build a Food Prep table, which is used to chop up food ingredients.

Additionally, you will need to build a Cooking Hearth to cook a more extensive variety of food, like grilled food. Food cooked on the Cooking Hearth replenishes the stamina bar or gives your character a bonus such as +2 catch efficiency and a +2 Lucky Catch bonus while catching bugs for a short time. Some recipes also increase your mining, fishing, animal care and combat efficiency for a short duration.

An Artisan Table and a Beverage Station are next. The Beverage Station (as mentioned previously) is where you can make drinks for your character. Your character can drink the beverages, and most come with a bonus, such as regenerating stamina or keeping your character warm or cold, depending on the weather. The Artisan Table turns chopped vegetables and fruit into jams, pickles and lollipops.

Eventually, a Gem Polisher Station is required, which is used to polish up the gems such as the Citrine, Peridot, Aquamarine, Topaz and more that you find in the dungeons around Azoria. You can make good money by selling polished gems, but I wouldn’t go crazy and sell all the polished gems as you will need them for other projects.

Building a Garden Bench will allow you to make vegetable seeds and fertiliser for your homestead. Making your own seeds will save Florins as you won’t constantly have to buy the seeds. Also, constructing a Decorating Table will give you access to being able to produce paper to make wallpaper and various house accessories such as an empty wooden shelf. A Loom is required to craft rope and eventually carpet for your house or to sell.


A misty day on the homestead
A misty day on the homestead

Furthermore, as the storyline progresses again, a Lowlands Critter Conservatory and a Fae Critter Conservatory. The Lowlands Critter Conservatory is where you place bugs or frogs you catch to make various bug juices and Flutter Dust used in recipes.

The Fae Critter Conservatory has a similar use to the Lowlands Conservatory. But, instead of bugs, you place magical creatures in it, such as Green Bloblins, Pink Blobins and Leaf Buddies. Once you progress the storyline enough, these creatures can be found in Elven Village.

A Honey Hive will give you somewhere to store the Bees you catch, and they will provide honey each day.
In Fae Farm, there are fruit trees that you can buy at the market from Willow, which give fruit in each season:

  • Peach in spring
  • Pear in summer
  • Apple in autumn
  • Plum in winter

If you build a Propagation Hive nearby, Fruit trees will create saplings.

Fae Critter Conservatory info screen
Fae Critter Conservatory

Caring for Animals in the Coop

To start caring for animals on your homestead, you must speak to Earline in Plains of Plenty. 

She will sell you a Chickoo (chicken) and Cottontail (sheep) for sale! Also, if you take either of these types of animals to Earline, she will sell them for you. Earline also gives you the key to the coop on the right side of the homestead, which will be the home for your animals.

character talking to Earline out side her house, she sells animals
Earline sells you animals for you to care for.

Once you have purchased your first animal, it will follow you home to the homestead. Then, you must register it in the ledger book on the left side of the coop. You can also use the ledger to rename them if you want to. 

Coop ledger, where you register each animal in your care, a brown screen with a info block in the middle
Coop ledger, where you register and rename each animal in your care

Your animals will come out of the coop to roam daily around the homestead; unless the weather is unpleasant, they will stay inside. They will also graze on grass and weeds that are around your homestead, and you can plant grass for them to eat, too. You must feed them, give them attention by letting and brushing them (depending on the animal) and most importantly, love them.

By the way, don’t be like me checking the shops for a brush…as soon as you get animals, you’ll automatically have a brush. Much like the axe or shovel are automatically there when you need them, so is the brush. Press Y to brush an animal and press A to pet an animal.

image shows the coop trough where you feed the animals
Feed your animals using the trough in the coop.

Each animal has different needs, so learning about them is critical to keeping them happy! For instance, Chickoos prefer a pat on the head, but Cottontails need to be petted and brushed daily for optimal happiness.

You can feed your new animals by adding food to the trough in the coop. However, you cannot add feed to slots that are already full or if the animal has already eaten for the day. 

Eventually, you can purchase the Auto-Feeder trough upgrade from Earline, and all coop troughs will hold up to ten days’ worth of food in each slot.

Each animal you own will return the favour by giving you valuable products in exchange for looking after them. They will leave their products on their beds in the coop, and you can collect them. For Woolyhorns and Mammos, you have to interact with them to receive their products, but that’s not a hardship as we love looking after our animals. 

image shows the emote wheel that can be used to call your animals to you.
You can wave to call all your animals to you.

When you are at the homestead and want to call all your animals to you, you can use the Wave emote to call all the animals to you. How cool is that! Press right on the D-pad to bring the emote menu up. 

Complete the Dungeons and progress the Story to unlock more Animals in Fae Farm. 

Progressing the Story

Fast Travel

Navigating the vast island of Azoria can be time-consuming, especially when you want to gather materials from various locations spread over the map. 

So, to increase your productivity and progress quickly in the game, learning how to travel fast in Fae Farm is essential.

a fasat travel pedestal beside a path surrounded by trees
A pedestal which needs a seal to activate it

You must unlock the pedestals across Azoria to start your fast travel adventures. The pedestals are teleportation points to four key locations: your farm, the first dungeon (Saltwater Mines), the town, and Spooky Woods. Unlocking the pedestals allows you to move between different areas and your home, saving precious time.

You can unlock the pedestals by crafting a specific Seal at the Crafting Station on the homestead using ore you gathered from the dungeon/mine. 

Dungeons/ Mines 

Once you open the first dungeon/mine by talking to Cleo and completing her simple quest, you gain access to the first dungeon. Saltwater Mines is located on the beach in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. 

image shows the door to saltwater mines on the beach
Saltwater Mines, the first dungeon you will visit

Each dungeon/mine in the game has twenty-five floors for you to explore. However, you can only access one floor at a time, but within that floor, buried under a rock or ore, is a Yellow button switch, in the first dungeon you visit Saltwater Mine, which you must find and activate to open the door to the next level of the dungeon before you can proceed further.

You can leave the dungeon at any time, and once you walk through the door, you automatically go back to the beach. It doesn’t matter what level of the dungeon you were on. You always return to the beach without having to retrace your steps through each dungeon level again. 

Dungeon tracker screen where you can warp to different levels in the mine.
A dungeon tracker screen opens when you interact with a pedestal so that you can warp to different levels in the mine.

In each level of the dungeon, there are fast-travel pedestals. These fast-travel pedestals must be activated with an item you craft at the Crafting Station, like those dotted around Azoria. 

In the dungeon/mine, you will find all kinds of ore to mine, and there are also some Jumbles (monsters) roaming around. For the most part, you can run past the Jumbles (though they do drop items once killed) if you don’t want to engage in combat.

If you do engage in combat, you can use your Magical Wand. Most of the Jumbles have an attack area signified by a yellow icon that appears in front of them before they attack. It indicates when you need to get out of the way to avoid the incoming attack. 

image shows the character standing beside a yellow floor switch that is used to open a door
Find a yellow floor switch to open the door to the next level.

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