Falling leaves on the site

Yep, once again my daughter Caroline has made me an awesome new banner. I’m so fortunate that she always obliges me in making a totally new one again, four times a year!

We always try to put games in there that I’m looking forward to, or expect to play a lot this season. So can you guess what the characters are from? Of course, there’s little YvoCaro who is slowly trying to show herself in more then one article on here. Oh well, it must be a bit boring for her with Streetpass on the 3DS getting hardly any hits anymore. And me never visiting in Tomodachi Life anymore.

But can you guess which other games are featured?


  1. Love the new fall theme! I just switched my blog over as well, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do (seasonal theme mods) but finally hacked away at the custom CSS to get leaves on the site as well 🙂

    1. Now I’m jealous! You really have falling leaves! That looks so good. I know about the snowflakes that I add every winter but when I wrote my blog title I had no idea of actual falling leaves. I must look into the plugins available, as I’m no good at tinkering with codes. Yours look awesome!

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