Fancy Epona in your New Leaf town?

Epona in Your New Leaf Town

Over here in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th. It’s a children’s event; although it’s Sinterklaas’ birthday, he gives out presents to all the children. And guess what, the secret of Sinterklaas is much the same as the secret of Santa. Lot’s of similarities there! But what I wanted to say, is that Sinterklaas brought me a nice present: Wolf Link Amiibo.

I had gently nudged Sinterklaas in the direction of Wolf Link, for no other reason then to scan it into Animal Crossing New Leaf and see what nice Zelda items awaited me. Now, according to an article on I should have asked Sinterklaas for another Zelda Amiibo.

Recently three new amiibo were released for the 30th anniversary of Zelda. Seems all three have a special effect. Scanning 8-bit Link will make Ganon to appear in your town. Ocarina of Time Link brings in Epona. Toon Link and Toon Zelda both unlock

Oh, how wonderful would it be to have Epona or Medli in your town! I think I can do without Ganon, but still, sounds cool!


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