Farm Together Update Available

A new update is available for Farm Together on Nintendo Switch.  I’ve currently played the game for more than 25 hours, and  I appreciate any extra items and bug fixes the devs are willing to put in.  The following update information comes from the devs reddit page.  Also if you haven’t read it, Yvonne has written a review which can be read by clicking here.

New features:

  • You can now manage a list of presets in the Customize section

  • You can now wear glasses and earrings at the same time.

  • Added a Quality/Performance selector

  • Added a Power Saving Mode

New items:

  • 4 new hair colors

  • New tree: Hazelnut tree

  • New crops: Jicama, Purple Carrot

  • Zen & Lilypad roads

  • Explorer glasses

  • New pink cowboy clothing

  • New glasses: Pencil and professor glasses

  • New farmhand clothings

  • 4 New dance emotes

  • 2 New flowers: Daffodil, Mustard

  • 2 New fish: Bream & Sturgeon

  • New flags: India, Slovenia, Colombia

  • New animal: Turkey


  • The recipe select window and the map window are now scaled on uncommon aspect ratios.

  • Farmhands on the map window show a strike if they need to be paid.

  • Items in the shop are now sorted by family when using the “Availability” mode.

  • Reduced volume of the tractor interaction sound.

  • Resource count on the pause menu is updated every second.

  • You can now build trees, animals, ponds and flowers in a 3×3 range with the tractor, just like with crops.

  • You can now see how many items you have planted on the quest panel (only for crops, and only if the task hasn’t been fulfilled yet).

  • On the Customize section, items are now ordered by family.

  • Done some noticeable performance improvements.

  • The Shop UI now shows the maximum item count for limited items.


  • Fixed some customization options not being saved properly.

  • Fixed progress not updating on pinned quests.

  • Fixed clothing unlocked in events not loading properly.

  • Fixed not seeing clothing of visitors using DLC items.

  • Fixed star glasses icon.

  • Fixed some item requirements overlapping in the Shop UI.

  • Increased a bit collision height of the stone road.

  • Fixed slopes on tree trunks (now they won’t attempt to connect).

  • Fixed water tiles showing a small dot of land when placing them in specific layouts.

  • Fuel refill rate for the Fuel pump and gas station now show decimals in the Shop UI (they were not round numbers).

  • Fixed Easel/Cooker/Piano progress being still shown on the HUD when deselecting it.

  • Fixed Office glasses using the Star glasses model

  • Fixed asphalt road not connectin on slopes.

  • Fixed only viewing 4 results on the Find Farms section.

  • Fixed error when creating a private farm.

  • Fixed settings not properly changing when switching to another user.

  • Fixed Guestbook panel hanging/crashing when many people have signed it.

Gameplay changes:

  • Now you get boost for watering crops if they are below 10% water when visiting a farm.

  • Reduced level requirement and price of the Sleigh decoration.

  • On seasonal events, visitors can plant event crops beyond the standard limit, up to double. For example, in this event (125 item cap), they can plant up to 250.


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