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Farm Tycoon Guide

Because of a review I made for SONKA for the Switch game Farm Tycoon I got acquainted with Farm Management, and am loving it. ( Find my review here) As usual, we can’t resist making a guide for games we love, so let’s take the bull by the horns!

Clearly, I’m not the only one loving this game. Since this guide has been up, it’s gotten a lot of attention. And people have even reached out to make contributions to the guide, like Josef and Monica. The guide had a huge updat on September 11, 2023, but if you can’t find the answer, don’t forget to look at the questions and answers below the article.

It’s a pity that the developers aren’t more keen to keep the Switch version of the game working like clockwork. I’ve heard many reports of the game crashing, and the economy in the game leaves a lot to be desired. Still, Farm Tycoon presents a nice challenge to earn enough money to keep afloat or even invest. Keeps you on your toes, and there’s never a dull moment. Have fun!

Maybe a No-Brainer, but Still….

Let’s start with a few tips that most of you might already know. But if you are a total newbie like me, this wasn’t as clear from the start!

  • Start with the Campaign mode, as it will teach you how to get going. The blank canvas you get in Free mode can be quite daunting if you don’t yet know what to do.
  • One of the first assignments in Campaign mode in Chapter One is to make a 0.01ha field. That is 10×10 squares.
Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
Buying on the market, you may have leftovers
  • When buying seeds or seedlings, you can either buy a fixed amount from the market, or you can buy the exact amount you need. You do the latter by clicking into sowing in the task grid of your field (when your field is ready), then choosing the seed/seedling you want and clicking yes when it informs you you will need extra and offers to buy it. Be aware that you’ll have to wait for a bit to have the stuff delivered. Don’t be impatient and buy it twice!
  • Once you have sown your first field, and have all other things taken care of, you could sit and wait for the crops to grow. Like I did the first time (don’t laugh!). Yep, I felt I couldn’t do anything but wait, so I decided to read a book meanwhile. Silly me! In the middle of the top of the screen, you can see how you can fast-forward the game at three different speeds by pressing the R stick. No need to wait! Oh and by pressing the L stick you can pause the game, for even when you are in the shop menu, your farm just keeps on running.
Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
I have no excuse, totally missed the fast forward on the top of the screen in the middle
  • Don’t forget to pause your game. You can fiddle around as much as you want, but you had better pause your game with a press on the Left stick. Otherwise, even when you are in the shop menu, your farm just keeps going and you might miss something important.
  • You can use ZR and ZL to get closer to your farm or to zoom out again.
  • You’ll think laying roads is just a matter of beautifying, but it isn’t. Your workers and your machines will be able to reach their field or production facility quicker. And you know it, time is money!
  • Using machines really made me scratch my head. In order to be able to use a tractor on a field, one side of the field must be at least 30 squares in length and 10 squares across. The overall number of hectares of the field is irrelevant. A 30 x 10 will work, but a 25 x 12 will not, even though both have the same area. You can see if a field can be worked by a machine in the upper right corner when you click on a field. You will see a little person but also a little machine.
Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
This field only allows manual labour, see the sign on the top right.
  • The first production facility is the Silage storage. It needs an employee to manage it, and you have to set out of what kind of material you want to make the silage. This one had me baffled, as I couldn’t find how to choose one of the options. Till I found that pressing Y=toggle does the trick. This allows you to choose grass (and to set the amount you want to keep and not make silage out of) or crops or straw.
Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
Setting up the Silage production
  • You can’t work the fields in winter, so if you can, invest in a greenhouse as you can grow crops in them all year round. Remember though you have to water them often as they won’t benefit from the rain. Or, invest in an irrigating system (with one push of the button).
Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
You can farm all year-’round in the greenhouses in the middle

Your Work Force

Permanent Employees

You can hire permanent employees or seasonal workers. Mind that in Campaign mode you can’t hire seasonal workers, only the permanent ones. A house is set up for them, and it houses 8 employees. Looking at workers you notice the little symbols and numbers. These refer to their skill levels. The different skills are taking care of animals, beekeeping, working with plants, tending the orchards, driving machines, strength and production. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to put them to work where their best skills are.

Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
My permanent employees and where they are stationed

The strength skill (example 4/5) relates to how much the worker can do and for how long on a maximum scale of 5. And one of our readers also found this to be very important to avoid problems like “your animals are low on food“. You need at least workers that are 4/5 or 5/5 to be able to depend on them feeding your animals in time. Of course, make sure there is enough food in storage for your cows, chickens etc.

If you auto select workers the game will usually put the most accurate worker with the task you want. Note that when you check your workers in their permanent housing that it shows where they are working. And if they aren’t doing anything ( when they aren’t assigned a task or are taking a break) you’ll see a little coffee cup with a nice steaming hot coffee in there. And that’s not what we want!


Make sure you are always training your permanent workforce. Access the available training by clicking on the Farmers’ house. On the first tab, you see the available training, how much they cost and how long they take. Focus first on training that reduces cost. As soon as you’ve chosen a training, a little sign on the right-hand bottom shows the progress.

Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
The little counter on the right below shows how many days of training are left.

Seasonal Workers

As soon as you can, you can build housing for seasonal workers and hire them. You can’t select skills there, only on a scale from 1 to 5 what their skill is (the sun sign). Plus, you have them till the end of the contract date that’s mentioned. Seasonal workers are good to use in the busy months, and you can easily let them go as soon as winter sets in. As in winter, you can’t work the fields.

Of course, you can let permanent employees go too, but you have to pay a sum for that.

Using Machines

As soon as possible, start using machines as they make life so much easier. As there’s a lot of variety in the machines you can use I felt a table with what to use with which crops was much needed.

Machines Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers

The machines is what had me most stumped in the game. After I put this guide up in the first place, a nice discussion with our readers followed. Trying to find work out how these machines worked. The table above should be a big help, but for some crops you need to add machinery and workers to operate them on the left hand side of the selection screen, and also on the right hand side.

Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
To harvest corn, you need a lot of machinery!

An example of this is harvesting Corn. On the right hadn’t side I used a 5m chopper (header) + self propelled forage harvester and a worker to operate them. On the left side I had to add a Box trailer + tractor and another worker. By the way, you could work with a Rodon Combine or a Xena combine with the 7m Corn Reaper as well. The harvested corn is later found in the silo.

Perennial, Multi Crops and Annuals

Farm Tycoon doesn’t add a lot of info for you about the various crops. And it’s not always clear how important the various stages are of working the field. Let’s get into that. First you plow, then you break down the clots of soil by cultivating it. I had though fertilising it next would give me a good crop, but that isn’t the case. No matter the fertility level, it has no effect except for when the fertility is 0: at that point your crop dies.

Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
To harvest tomatoes you need a tractor and a box trailer, plus a lot of workers

Some plants keep coming back for multiple crops, others are done once you have harvested them. Some can also be grown in a greenhouse, others not, they need open field. The table below shows you what’s what.

The weather will get cold and crops die or go dormant on NOVEMBER 10 So use above info to make sure you can make it to the harvest in time.

I feel it’s confusing that, once you have harvested a one time crop and you want to plow or cultivate your field, it asks if you want to destroy your crop…there is, however, no other choice, so the answer is yes!

A perennial plant looks dead in winter looking at your field, but your icon when you click on the field will show a sort of bag around the plant. So don’t destroy, it will come back for more!

You can fertilize a new field and then plant. For old fields, if you fertilize, you have to plow them again. Remember, the field is good to be sown until fertilizing reaches 0. Your choice if you want to fertilize first every time.

Tractors…and More Than One!

The most important machines aren’t on here: Tractors! I didn’t include them as they are needed for almost every stage in working on the land. Only when harvesting, the Rodon and Xena Combine and the Self Propelled Large Harvester don’t need to be pulled by a tractor. All the other machines are. So by the time your farm grows bigger, you will need more than one. Otherwise the bottleneck in getting as many crops in as you need will be your tractors.

There’s the following tractors:

  • Rega
  • Etos (20% more powerful, more expensive)
  • Orchard Tractors.

Rega en Etos pull all of them, and the Orchard Tractor only pulls the Box trailer, the Orchard Sprayer, the Lili Plow and the Sprinkler.

Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
Lots of choices when buying machines, both used and new

Of course, you also need parking. There are several options to buy, all with various rooms for machines. In the table above you can see if a machine is Small, Medium, Large or X-Large.

  • Small Garage: 11k, 9pcm, 10m x 25m, 6 small machines.
  • Medium Garage: 28k, 27pcm, 20m x 15m, 3 medium machines.
  • Carport: 45k, 46pcm, 25m x 15m, 3 large machines.
  • Parkiing: 50k, 9pcm, 30m x 15m, 4 large machines.
Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
Check out my rides!

Because it takes people so long to get to the tractors and machines, it’s better to send one guy as many times as possible to do tractor driving (since after he’s done with his task he is standing right next to the garage.) Deplete them all the way to 0 green bar to save time in the season. They will keep working and finish the job they were on.

All of the cereals and grains need machines to be harvested. That’s why you don’t see them when your people harvest by hand.

Animals: Cows, Chickens, Bees and More

Farm animals

I’ve been hearing from a lot of players that the animals are hardest to manage. I must say I never got to grips with them either, so when one of our readers sent me additional information about them (thanks, Monica!) I gladly incorporated it here.

Turn off auto manage food and change the variety of foods from 12% to 50%+ plus what you want to feed them, for example set the cows to 52% grass, 52% apples and 52% silage. This ensures the workers will pick up enough food. Otherwise they are only picking up a few apples at a time. They might walk halfway across the map just to pick up a little wheat. That’s how you can stop this. Unfortunately the game resets this every time you restart so check it often.

If they keep giving you trouble, you might want to sell all farm animals until the points in the campaign that need you to work with animals as they are difficult to take care of. Should you be able to keep them alive, then cows are worth more than chickens, but they don’t give much profit.

Put stronger people to work the animals. But still, even a worker with 5/5 in both animals and energy still couldn’t work a full medium cow barn by himself. He was fine on the small cow barn though.


If the colza and buckwheat are too far from the bees they can’t reach the flowers, they will still make “multi flower honey” from the plants nearby, but buckwheat and colza honey sells for more money

Check the melliferous flowers menu on the beekeepers house and they will be coloured instead of grey if the bees can reach them.

Production Facilities

It’s here where the big bucks can be earned. For every production facility, you can set which products you want to be made with the crops or products to be processed. That works in the same way as described for the Silage above (by pressing the Y for toggle). You have to put employees to work there, and depending on how many you assign, the quicker production will go (mind you, you can’t use seasonal workers).

Farm Tycoon LadiesGamers
The milk processing plant and what can be made out of milk

The following can be built:

  • (Small) Milk Processing Plant: makes cheeses and butter, depending on the kind of milk (cows milk, goat milk, sheep cheese)
  • (Small) Juice Factory: use apples, cherries or tomatoes to make juice.
  • Mill: uses wheat, rye or corn to make wheat flour, rye flour or cornflour
  • (Small) Frozen Food Factory: produce different types of frozen foods our of cherries, strawberries or raspberries.
  • (Small) Slaughterhouse: production of meat from chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, geese or ducks.
  • Seeds and seedlings production: prepare seeds and seedlings from your harvested crops. It works for lupines, cucumber, corn, grass, buckwheat or colza.
  • Silage storage: make silage for the cows out of grass or crops or straw

Struggling for Money

If you feel you are struggling too much and it impairs the fun you’re having, you can consider opening an auto repair shop. It can be very frustrating to be stuck trying to get the 60,000 G you need for the next milestone, like building the wind turbine. It’s more profitable than farming!

As soon as you get the parking lot, go to the machine market and buy the biggest machine you can afford that’s marked Scrap. Select the machine and repair it, the mechanic will come and fix it. Sell it when he’s done, and you will make a profit.


Haven’t found the answer you need? Be sure to check the comments below, and check out the fandom wiki.


  1. Thanks a lot for the guide, it is really helpful! I really struggle with the machinery though, maybe you can advise? When using the combine harvester (either Rodon or Xena) I can select those as well as the reapers and the employee just fine, but there is another spot open for a machine and I just don’t know which one to use. I bought alomst everything but it still says “no machines were found that meet the requirements”. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Larissa, thanks for reading! I know exactly what you mean, and I haven’t been able to solve that either. I thought at first I was missing a machine, but by now I have the entire machine-fleet and still nothing happens. I had originally thought I would find the solution quickly enough to add it the guide now, but I still haven’t. Maybe some of the other commenters know the answer?

      1. Hi Yvonne, I just solved it! It needs the box trailer (as well as a tractor and another employee). The funny thing is that I already had one of those
        but maybe it was being used on another field. Maybe it is the same for you?
        Hope that helps!

        1. Hi Larissa, as you see in the comments Cari had the same problem. Just did that myself with Corn, and it works indeed! But the strange thing is that I now have a field that says Harvested Crops and no other option to get them to the barn. How have you fared with this?

              1. I want to manyally manage my animals allowed food. Like say I don’t have pears for my goats but I have everything else. Should I turn that percentage to 0?

  2. I can not see to get the Self Propelled Large Harvester to work! I’ve both the 5 m chopper, but when I assign it to a field, with the chopper head and self propelled harvester, and assign a worker, it won’t let me confirm. Any idea where I am going wrong?

      1. Cari, I’ve tried it myself with Corn. The Self Propelled Harvester works with the chopper like you said. But on the right hand side, you need to add a box trailer, a tractor and a worker. Just did that myself, but the strange thing is that I now have a field that says Harvested Crops and no other option to get them to the barn. How have you fared with this?

    1. Thank you so much for this, great article! I also got hung up on machinery (after getting stuck/unstuck on silage). This is a huge help, much appreciated!

  3. Thanks so much. I gave up on tractors because I could not figure out how to use them. I stumbled on this page through google and am so happy. My plots were always 24×24. I will be starting a new farm now and have proper sized plots.

      1. Lol, welcome here Bob and thanks for reading and commenting. Know all about old age and typos, so no worries
        The game isn’t very specific in some places right? Like you, at first, I just couldn’t understand why machines wouldn’t work for me!

  4. For those of you who are following the comments: I’ve added a bit to the guide detailing more info about working with machines. And added a table about the crops, whether they are perennial or not and whether they can grow in a greenhouse. Enjoy!

  5. I have played this so much since it came out. I cannot figure out how to make bigger fields though? I am only able to 48x48m and sometimes it asks for bigger ones to be made?

      1. I figured it out! You can only make certain field sizes based on the size of the owners house. A small is I think 32×32 and the medium is up from that and then the large house allows you to make even bigger field. It took me some time to figure it out

  6. Unfortunately, the game hasn’t worked for 2 weeks anymore, there are no more resources and after a few minutes I’m thrown out of the game at switch. support only writes we take care of it, nothing has been fixed until today!

    1. Hi Luciana, unfortunately we are having the same problems ever since the last update. The game keeps crashing. Only thing to do is save often, but it is annoying. Hopefully the developer will do something about this soon.

  7. Hi Yvonne! Thank you for writing this guide! I’m having trouble with the food management of my cows. It says they are low on food but I have plenty of grass, silage, etc so I’m not sure what the problem is. Can you help?

    1. Hi, first of all, thank you for visiting our site!
      I know what you mean, I get this notice too for my chickens and my cows, and I haven’t figured out yet why. Like you, I always have grass or silage aplenty. What I do first is wait to see if the signs stays up, sometimes it blinks out again. If it doesn’t I buy some stuff on the market that I don’t have. I’m guessing they need a better balance in their food? Don’t exactly know, it’s trial and error.

  8. Hi Jen, thanks for reading! Like I said to Brinkley ( just above your comment) I haven’t figured it out either. What I do first is wait to see if the signs stays up, sometimes it blinks out again. If it doesn’t I buy some stuff on the market that I don’t have. I’m guessing they need a better balance in their food? Don’t exactly know, it’s trial and error.

      1. Do you mean in getting the notice that your animals are ready to breed? I think it happens after they’ve been in your barn for a certain amount of time. Of course, breeding only means you can get the vet over to inseminate them.

  9. Hey!!! I had the same issues, if you make sure that your caretaker is at least 4/5 they usually keep it stocked. I was having problems with workers not feeding them and they’d die…. I tried several different things until I did this. Also! Assign them to the animals BEFORE you buy them and make sure it is not only 1/2. For chickens/birds I needed at least 6, goats and sheep 4-6, cows 3 seemed to work good and rabbits 2. Also if you toggle off the auto calculate for the foods you need to be sure to up the percentage of what you want them to eat. I hope this helps! I’ve been trying a few different ways

  10. Hi im struggling to harvest wheat seeds from wheat everytime i go to harvest i can fulfill the needed machinery on the left hand side but it says i dont have anything suitable on the right i cant for the life of me figure out what it is i need any ideas guys?

      1. Yes i needed the box trailer had accidentally sold it without realising alot further along in it now just struggling with it constantly closing down on me mid play

  11. Help! I have auto trading but I don’t understand the trading section? Where it say set the amount in the warehouse does that mean I set an amount I want to keep then it sells everything else or is it the opposite?

  12. Hi! Im struggling with oat, lupine, buckwheat, colza crops… everytime I harvest I can’t found it anywhere, not in the barn or silo or warehouse, all I get is hay at the end. It was not like this in early game. Anyone have any idea what is happening?

      1. Struggling with the auto selling of product, is this a bug? I have all strawberries/raspberries set to sell all yet always see them red in my cold storage, are they selling or getting thrown out? Anyway you can tell?

        1. Hi Mabalo, thanks for reading. I know you can instruct as to what it has to sell, and how long before due date. Could it be that you have set it so that it has to keep some in stock? On the other hand, the game seems to have some bugs…

        1. I’m having the same problem! I got this a couple of weeks ago and thought I was going to be completely obsessed for a good long while but the bugs and the lack of decent help text has ruined it for me.

    1. Hello, I just got this game and have also had this problem. I noticed that Wheat, rye, buckwheat, and colza were all harvested as straw. I followed my little people and watched the numbers to figure out what the heck they were doing with the harvest. But I’ve got no clue how to fix it. I’m pretty disappointed with this game.

      1. Hi SCG, thanks for reading. So, same problem for you eh? It wasn’t a problem at the start when the game released, but since then there have been quite some bugs in it, guess this is indeed another one. It’s such a pity that the developers don’t seem to be alert no fix these problems.

  13. Hello lovely people. As this website is the only source of information for this game would anyone be kind enough to tell me what machine I can use for bailing please?

  14. Hi there – I can’t get my lupine, corn or sunflowers to start growing. Field is plowed, cultivated, and fertilized and crop is planted but nothing is growing… Any ideas?

  15. Thank you for the nice guide.
    I have couple questions,
    1. The orchards such as apple will rest during the winter and in spring, does it just reset the whole growing time? Does it mean, you can never harvest it in spring and summer ?
    2. What decides the green health bar from animals? I placed best workers, full of food nearby, no sickness, but it still drops and then die.
    3. Alfter changing feeding foods (instead of automatic, because I wanna optimize to road of workers and don’t wanna feed expensive food), this setting will be reseted like beginning after couple minutes, is that an error?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hop, thank you for reading!
      For your first question about the orchards: yes, they reset during winter. When you have the orchards in place as spring starts you’ll be just in time before winter sets in to harvest the crops.
      As for your questions about the animals: I find it extremely difficult to tinker with that. To be honest, I’ve left it all to automatic and chose the best workers. They are doing fine and I’m happy to leave them be. Maybe one of the other readers has the answers?

  16. Hi there,
    first of all thanks for all those great tips and comments!
    I have as well one question, I did plant apple trees for example and later on fertilized them as the value was dropping. Now my field looks like apple trees are still existing but I no longer get information on when to harvest. I can now seed again…
    Is this normal that you are not allowed to fertilize after you have planted something? And that you have to do everything again as the plants are not growing any more?

    1. Hi Nolie, thanks for reading! I hadn’t experienced this myself, so I just did what you did. And you’re right, the number of days left for it to bear fruit is gone. I think this means you’ll not get apples this year, but the cycle will start again in spring. So no fertilizing during growth!

    2. Any crops you plant but then fertilise AFTER already planted for some reason stops the plants growing and you will have to re-sew the seeds to get growth again. I don’t know why this happens but you should only ever fertilise before planting seeds/crop.

      If the health of crops lowers though you will probably find it is about to be winter time. Trying to avoid harvesting the apple orchid before winter is a good tip. I found that when I harvested in spring/summer I received $10,000+ for my crop compared to $1300ish just before winter because the crop health lowers before winter. For such a long growing crop, it’s much better to get more moolah

  17. Thank you so much for this guide! I cant find anything else on the internet! Could you please tell me how to raise “crop quality” and “grows” for the plants? Im not sure what these mean. Thank you so much!

  18. Hi Yvonne, Thank you for taking the time to make this guide it is very helpful. I was not able to use the farming vehicles that I purchased so that’s how I found your website!
    Too bad this game suffers from lots of minor glitches/bugs (Switch version at least) – game has crashed on me 2 times so far, and experienced many annoying little bugs like the auto sell (trade) stopped selling on me after I upgraded my home wth! so annoying. Also many of my cows just started dying without even having the sick/disease notification wth! Also, why is there auto insemination but no auto doctor?? And the weeds/fungus/insects pop up too often imho. I play the game on the fastest speed and after a while it’s just a micro-management click-fest.. boring and repetitive. There should be auto harvesting option. And also buildings cannot be moved after building. *Sigh* – I like this genre and had high hopes for it and played it in earnest for 2 full days (wouldn’t be surprised if this is yet another quick-n-dirty mobile/pc port to Switch console game). Too bad, this game had potential but somehow it’s mired by questionable design choices and tedious mechanics that get in the way of enjoying the game. The nail in the coffin is too many bugs and not enough QA and polish. Oh well, just glad I didn’t buy this for full price when it first came out (was recently on sale for $2.39 which I used my gold points to buy).

  19. I keep having that issue where I have tons of food for my chickens and yet over and over the chicken coop will run out of food and I cannot easily fix it. I thought maybe my silo was too far away or something but you guys are saying having a 4/5 or 5/5 strength worker fixes that. I’ll try it. Thanks.

    1. I realised that my little workers were going to other places where I keep other crops that are on the list of foods for my coops. So it was taking forever to bring food over because they were going miles away to get some wheat from one of my silos on the other side of my farm.
      Idea: unclick auto manage food in coops remove every food except the one(s) you want (that are closest)

  20. Hi! I’m still trying to figure out the silage making. I’ve got everything toggled and a worker assigned, but the silage is marked in red at (-25%). Does anyone know how to get it to go to green with an increase? I had it earlier at (+15%) but then started over and now can’t figure out how to increase it again.

    1. There is a checkbox in the top right corner of each silage production option (grass/crops/straw) you need to toggle – this checkbox is like an ON/OFF switch for silage production.

      1. Yes, everything is toggled and in production and I’m getting silage, but it looks like at a rate of -25%. Some pictures I’ve seen has it at +15% production but toggling and changing amounts seems to have no effect that I can see.

        1. I might be wrong it’s too much work for me to try and go through and test little things like this but I think it’s to do with the price of selling each. I noticed for a while I had -25% and selling silage was way worse than selling grass for me at that time. Now after a fair while (2-3 in game years) I noticed it to be +15% to me it looks like silage was selling more than grass by itself now.
          Again I’ve only seen this one time so I don’t have concrete proof.

  21. This game is so fun but minor glitches just ruin my fun.

    Important tip which should be added to guide is use all of the save files. Like only override the oldest one after you run out of empty ones.

    Big Glitch to look out for: The whole can’t find a path to that building. I’m not sure what went wrong but my fertiliser tractor got stuck on a pathway on it’s way to collect manure near my cows. It has been stuck there for a year now. I cannot move the tractor or fertiliser spreader from the buildings they are currently in or sell them. Meaning the garages themselves are stuck in place forever. As well as the worker in the tractor will forever be getting pid to sit in that tractor and order uber eats (big sad).
    If anyone actually figured out how to deal with this that would be great to know

    Although campaign is a good start to everything. It’s annoying having things locked away from you in the beginning of the game. Like some planters and harvesters.

    How far through campaign is everyone btw? I am on chapter 5 rn. Would be cool to see how much longer we have to go. Although seeing as there’s all this juicing and frozen foods I’m sure I’m not even halfway yet (I have so many hours in this game now) lmao

  22. Hi, I’m from Brasil and my english is bad, but i need help with something that is happening.
    I dont know how solve the problem about “there is no path to your building” its happens whit tractors and they stand still with this error. the last time a lost 4 tractors because they was with this error and only in winter this “bug” disappear when i start the game again.

    1. I have this same problem. My tractor is stuck for 2 years in same place 🙁

      I think try and keep buildings further away from each other.
      I’m going to try make my roads 3 wide to see if this helps because I think the tractors get stuck on some path finding issues where they cross with other people maybe.

      1. i have 1 garage with 2 largest roads to the tractors parking and this error continues… And the last “bug” happened when i was harversting lupine and grass, the tractors stand still on the side of the field, they are tring to come back to the garage. 1 tractor have a self loading trailer and the other have a box trailer. i think this error solve with largest roads too. i will try it.

        1. Hi again,

          I made the roads around the fields 3 “roads” wide and it worked! That’s the solution.
          And I made these roads around the garages too.

  23. Hi again, would you know why my game wont let me spray the field with anti insect spray? It has notified me to insects but any time I try to spray it, it immediately removes the two workers as if I never told anyone to spray!

      1. Second update: I started a new game. I planted Lupine and it stopped working. I demolished the field but the field did not dissapear. I can place things on top of it but its still there visually

  24. Hi great guide I am new to this game and restarted so many times but can anyone tell me at what stage can you produce the goods like cheeses, juices etc and what training etc I need to get to that stage?

    1. Well I’m doing campaign mode for like now 8 in game years and am only on chapter 5 where I finally got the medium cow sheds unlocked.
      If you want to play around with other stuff, use scenarios or free play cause campaign take a looooonnggg time before you do that stuff.

      1. Heyya! Thank you a lot for creating this guide! Maybe create a fandom wiki?
        I have a question regarding rye, and possibly other straw food for chicken.
        I planted rye to use as food for chickens.
        But when it was going to be harvested, it became straw instead of rye!
        Anyone know how to harvest so it becomes rye instead of straw?
        I used people and no machine.
        Thank you!

        1. Hey.. welcome! This page is the best..

          With the Rye, you can control what becomes straw in the Silo. Just choose to turn off the production or play around with the amount of Rye you want to keep instead of processing into Straw. Hope that helps

          1. Hey Melody!
            I cannot find any such setting in the silo unfortunately.
            It just says “cereal” at the top and then all the food that is in the silo.
            Or did I misunderstand you? Where can I find the production settings?
            Thank you!

            1. Hey Josef, my mistake.. I haven’t played in a while.

              It’s actually the Silage not silo. It looks the same as the manure storage but produces the straw, crop, bale BUT I have actually read the other comments above and the problem you’re experiencing might be due to a glitch/bug in the game instead of being able to change a setting to fix it. Sorry for the confusion

  25. Hi thanks for the guide i have a problem, my current mission is to plant an orchard with my new tractor and planter yet i can still only use hand tools. I don’t have the option of selecting a tractor and planter. Can anybody help me?

  26. Hi there, this might be a dumb question but how do i create an exact field size of 0.068ha for a challenge? I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

    1. Hi Diana! Not a dumb question at all. You know how it shows how many ha you have when you drag the pointer making your new field. But I’ve tried too based on your question, and I’ve found it impossible to get exactly 0,068 ha. 16×40 is 0,064, and then it ups to 16×44 which is too much at 0,07 and so on. Very annoying, and I haven’t solved it. Anyone else have the answer?

  27. Hi lovely farmers. Firstly I have just discovered this game and I love it. It’s so complex and I’ve learnt so many tidbits and just learned some new ones reading this guide. Thanks so much.

    One big issue I’m having is with my cows… they keep starving and dying despite the fact that they have sooo much food. I’ve changed the allocation so they can access 100% of each item and I’ve ensured my workers are all full training in their animal skill. I don’t know what is left to do? It’s a real pain because I need lots of cows to get lots of milk so I can fun my dairy production machine but anymore then 10 cows in my big cow shed and they just seem to struggle. Any suggestions from anyone would be amazing. Thank you

  28. Does anyone know if there is a way to move the buildings around – now I am a little further along I wanted to adjust the layout, so the farm works a little better .. so far the only way I see is to demolish the building and start over, but that is a huge waste of money

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