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Fata Deum Demo Impressions

Demo code used, with many thanks to Hooded Horse.

Fata Deum by developers 42 Bits Entertainment started life as a Kickstarter success and is inspired by the god games of old, such as Black and White and Populous. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the demo preview of the game the last few days.

Fata Deum LadiesGamers

Fata Deum

You take on the role of the high and mighty God who is floating somewhere above the land with your beady eye watching over your citizens. In this fictional land, you compete against other gods for the Faith of all the inhabitants and the territory. You have an imp as an assistant, attached to your cursor as a bright light, who you can name. The imp assistant, whom I named Seus, leads you through the game’s tutorial.

Fata Deum LadiesGamers

Play to Rule

The demo itself spans six in-game days and covers the basics of the game. To rule over your self-sufficient citizens in their settlement, you have powers you can use with Mana. Use them to control your citizens by blessing and inspiring them to do good deeds or strike fear into their hearts. Alternatively, you can leave them to their own devices, thanks to the game’s auto settings.

During the day, you perform miracles and find new happy followers or torment your citizens with terrible punishments. For example, you can zap a citizen with lighting if they annoy you. But beware, you will have to live with the consequences afterwards.

On the other hand, when night falls, you can influence the dreams of the citizens with your godly power and get them to carry out certain actions or build buildings the next day.

Fata Deum LadiesGamers

Good or Evil

Most God games that have come before have two ways to rule; you can be good or evil. However, Fata Deum mixes things up with different settings for God, such as pleasure, fertility, violence and deceit.

If you wish to build great armies and conquer the land, you can. You can also go the route of a passive God and build settlements and families, aiding in resources and sending your citizens along the right development paths. The game’s main goal is to compete with other gods for influence, as the more followers you have, the more power you wield. You can find and collect relics to gain Mana, and by performing Wonders, you are granted the belief points for that particular settlement.

Fata Deum LadiesGamers

Looking Good

The game looks well even at this demo stage though, obviously, it still needs some work. Nevertheless, it is an interesting game and one I’m looking forward to spending some proper time with when the game is released. Fata Deum demo will be available during the Steam Next Fest from February 21st to the 28th. You can wishlist the game here. 

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