Fill-a-Pix: Phil’s Epic Adventure Review

Game: Fill-a-Pix
System: Switch
Developer: Lightwood Games
Publisher: Lightwood Games
Age Rating: E (3+ in Europe)
Regular Price: £6.99 | $7.99 | € 7,99
Release Date: 12th July 2018
(The game is also available for 3DS and PS Vita)

Overall Feeling: I like it alot!

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Phil has travelled the world. He has travelled to 12 countries, photographed numerous sights and places, and now he wants to show you his picture album. The trouble is Phil’s camera takes pictures in the form of picture logic puzzles and your task is to develop his images for him. As enjoyable as ‘Fill-a-Pix’ is, I can’t help conclude that Phil needs a new camera.

What is Fill-a-Pix?

Fill-a-Pix is a puzzle game that uses a grid system that’s split into blocks. Scattered throughout each grid are clues that identify how many cells within a given block must be filled in. How can I identify a block you may ask? Well, the general rule is that a block consists of one centre cell and its adjacent cells. Typically a block consists of 9 cells; the exception being the edges and corners. If a cell is to remain blank the player must cross it out by using button B.

Thankfully Fill-a-Pix is easier to play than explain. I recommend that newcomers begin by playing the tutorial mode in order to pick up the basics. Once the fundamentals are understood, gamers from all backgrounds can enjoy Phil-a-Pix.

Where to start?

The usual tactic to any puzzle game is to search for easy clues. Begin by hunting for 9’s and 0’s, and be vigilant for 4’s and 6’s in edges and corners. The number 9 means every cell within a 9 cell block must be filled in. Likewise, a 0 block requires every cell to be crossed out. The above system works also for clues along the edges and in corners but because these clues have less adjacent cells, the magic numbers are 0, 4 and 6.

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Very soon, new opportunities to fill in the grid become available, and even though it took my brain time to adjust to the puzzle’s workings, it’s logic soon becomes apparent.  Depending on how many cells are crossed out, I find 8’s, 7’s, 3’s and 1’s are the best clues to pursue.

If extra help is required then an available smart cursor is available to highlight a group of cells.  Also, if you get lost on the grid and have no idea where to look next, the game includes a nice hint feature.


The game provides great value for money. It includes more than 100 puzzles spread throughout 12 different categories. The size of each puzzle varies from the smallest 15×23 up to a massive 100×60 pixel grid. I’ve spent numerous play sessions just on one puzzle without getting bored or frustrated. If you manage to complete every available puzzle (it will take a while) then there are extra puzzles available via the eShop.

Graphics and Sound

Visually Fill-a-Pix uses a very simple graphical design. Like many other games of this type on the market, Fill-a-Pix is all about Puzzles! It has a simple interface which makes selecting puzzles and navigating grids a simple process.

The game has one musical soundtrack and I love it! Seriously, it’s that good, I could imagine it being developed for some future period drama. As good as the track is, however, there’s an option to turn it off on the system menu.


I love puzzle games and I’m so thankful that light-wood games gave me the chance to play and review Fill-a-Pix: Phil’s Epic Adventure. I’ve enjoyed being introduced to yet another unique picture logic puzzle, and I wholeheartedly recommend Fill-a-Pix to fans of the genre. If you’re new to this type of game, then the tutorial will help you start to develop Phil’s pictures in no time.

I Like it a lot.

I like it a lot!

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