Finally, Sorcery! 3 to be released!

I only recently discovered the excellent visual novel that is Sorcery! And I was lucky, being able to play the first two installments shortly after each other. And now I don’t have to wait long to read on in my adventure. Inkle’s third installment in Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series will be arriving on April 23rd. How to explain what kind of app game this is?

I wrote about it sometime back (read the article here). Sorcery! reads like a book, giving you choices during the adventure that will influence the flow of the story. This also means that there’s more to the book then you can read in one go, because other choices give you other story lines. I played book 1 twice, curious to see what I had missed, and I even made this my Game of the Month February.

Time to get comfortable with a good book again, I mean, a good visual novel!

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