Finding Hannah

Finding Hannah Early Access Preview

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Finding Hannah is a game that combines beautiful hidden object scenes and a compelling storyline to tell an intergenerational story about happiness, love, and family.

Finding Hannah Starting with a morning coffee.
Starting with a morning coffee.

The Storyline

The game follows Hannah, a woman who seemingly has it all but feels unfulfilled. She has a successful career in advertising, but a new contract makes her question her life choices. While the story is centred around Hannah, there is a lot of focus on her mother and grandmother’s past. The game delicately touches upon the sensitive subject of living in Germany during the 40s and the Cold War.

Finding Hannah Sunbathing in the 40s.
Sunbathing in the 40s.


Hannah’s journey of self-discovery is spread through three episodes (so far!), each consisting of several hidden object scenes. The first two episodes are available on iOS and Android and will be available on Steam on May 3. The third episode will be released on May 3 on all platforms. 

Finding Hannah Find the dragonflies.
Find the dragonflies.

The Game Mechanics

As I mentioned, Finding Hannah is a hidden object game. The player can play a scene as many times as they want. Solving the scene earns you different types of shopping baskets- coffee, cosmetics and sweets. They are used in different kinds of puzzles, where you combine two types of objects which create different types of objects. By creating combinations of objects, you earn stars, which are then used to unlock the next scene.

In between completing levels, you are given parts of Hannah’s story. This works well in general – it makes the gameplay more dynamic. Unfortunately, completing the storyline in some scenes doesn’t earn you enough shopping baskets to unlock the next scene. You have to return and do them again. That can take quite a lot of time, and it unbalances the game and breaks up the story too much.

Finding Hannah Helping Grandma in the garden.
Helping Grandma in the garden.

Hidden Object Puzzles

In terms of the hidden object scenes, the objects themselves are logical to the scene, so if you are in an office, you’ll be asked to find a stapler, a candle, and so on. The objects are rarely moved between replays, which makes it easier to progress through the game, especially at the beginning while you are getting used ti the art style. However, in places where you need to go back to collect what you need, it can get repetitive.

The developers have tried to mix things up a little; for example, instead of using the words for the things you need to find, you might be shown their outlines, or you might need to collect 12 flowers or ladybugs. Still, in some places, it can be a bit of a slog.

Finding Hannah This is how we earn stars!
This is how we earn stars!

Overall, I enjoyed playing Finding Hannah. The storyline is engaging, the art style is gorgeous, and the game mechanics are exciting. I wish the developers had spent more time on the mother and grandmother’s past, but I understand why they glossed over it. The game is a casual game, after all. The game’s three episodes, The Meaning of Life, Mother, and How to Change the World, promise much more to come, and I am excited to see what’s coming.

You can find the Finding Hannah Steam page here.

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