Fire Emblem Heroes, even for non-gamers

Things have changed in the years since I first took up playing games on my DS. There was a time that I couldn’t share my passion for gaming for fear of being taken for a strange woman. Don’t get me wrong, I still may be a non-stereotype lady of advanced years, but different is good, right? Things have changed though ever since we got Pokémon Go. Now, a lot of people around me who never even considered playing a game, are interested in catching the critters.

As I’ve said before, I am a firm believer of making playing video-games interesting for the casual audience. Of course, I understand people who have been gaming fans for years, that they want to see more games that are dedicated to a gaming console. But to pull a bigger crowd, games have to be easily accessible. It’s my believe that’s the way to go if the gaming industry wants to survive in the long run.

A new mobile game to try

Nowadays, it doesn’t get more accessible than playing a game on your phone and tablet. That’s why I’m so glad for Fire Emblem Heroes. The famous series, well known for the perfect blend of strategic RPG and a good storyline. Fire Emblem Awakening was the first title I played on my 3DS and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What can you expect with Fire Emblem Heroes? It will be released both on Android and in iOs on February 2nd. You’ll take on the role of a summoner to call on Heroes from throughout the Fire Emblem series. Employ your troops on a terrain that fits nicely on your phone’s screen, and work out your strategie to defeat enemies. To do this, you’ll have to choose your heroes wisely, as they come in all kinds of roles: mages, warriors, knights, samurai etc. Weapons have to be chosen carefully as well. Sounds daunting at first, but trust me, pretty soon it will come naturally.

In addition to the main quest, you’ll have access to other modes such as “Training Tower” to level up your heroes, “Special Maps” to play seasonal events, and “Arena Duels” to climb the leaderboards by winning successive battles. When heroes gain experience, players can then use rewards they’ve earned to acquire new skills, level up Heroes, and increase their ratings.

To get a feel for the game, check out the latest trailer below. It shows some gameplay, new artwork for the characters and their respective voice actors. Looks beautiful, right?



  1. I’m pretty excited about this game! I’ve already voted a few times on the website, haha. I hope it will be a great pick-up-and-play version of the classic strategy gameplay!

  2. I’m certainly excited for this one! It looks like a bunch of fun on the go. Though I can’t help but laugh at the new Lord’s name. “Alfonse”, hm…Makes me think of a certain suit of armor I know very well…

  3. I’m interested to play this game. I just made the switch from a very low end android phone that was a few text messages away from death to a shiny new iPhone. I paid for Super Mario Run immediately, and I downloaded this too but haven’t played it yet, I have a feeling it’s one I need to sit down and commit some time to! I’m still getting used to playing games on my phone, it’s kind of a luxury now for me!

    1. Up till Pokémon Go I didn’t even have a mobile phone of my own. I got to use the one from my work in everyday life. But it didn’t felt good playing Pokémon Go on a device that was my boss’. So, I decided to invest in one of my own with a decent data bundle. Glad I did it, as with Fire Emblem I now have my next good game for it. And I’m anxiously awaiting Animal Crossing on it too!

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