First Pokémon game: adjusted the results!

At the beginning of October I asked you all what your first Pokémon experience was. I had some nice reactions, and a lot of you remembered their first ever starter Pokémon with fondness. Me too, I still remember the team that did their best to help me through my first Elite 4 battle. Magmortar was key with his guns blazing, but even the humble Starly that I had since the very beginning and had evolved into Staraptor helped me greatly.

What did surprise me was that most of you were there from the beginning, with Red or Blue. And the ones you all voted for most, where the three oldest games! So, that’s saying something. First of all, maybe it says something about the general age of my reading audience (:D), second of all, you all stayed avid fans of the series and are still looking forward to the new remake of Ruby and Sapphire!

After I posted the initial results, new votes trickled in, so here are the updated results:
PK2 Pokemon, RedBlue, Platinum, Diamond, Crystal, Gold, Emerald, ORAS, SoulSilver
46%, so almost half of the voters where there when Pokémon launched with Red and Blue on the GameBoy and explored the Kanto region. When Nintendo first released the series on the DS with Diamond and Pearl a new generation picked the game up (and in my case, a bit of an older generation!) and 19% started playing the game, so a second place. Shared third place with 15% is for Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire when they where originally released on the GameBoy Advance. FireRed/LeafGreen got 1% of the votes, as did HeartGold/SoulSilver and the first Black/White game.

So, the first DS releases stepped up to second place, but still, an overwhelming majority was present at the launch of the series! Thanks for voting everyone!

So, thank you very much everyone for voting, see you in the new ORAS adventure!


  1. What would be interesting is to compare this result to that of say a decade ago and again a decade from now. I guarantee that as a new generation of pokemon fans hit the internet, the later games will grow

    1. Thanks for your comment Andy, and yes, that would be very interesting! It seems that Pokémon manages to keep kids from all generations entertained!

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