First thoughts in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This year I took a gamble when I bought my Switch: I bought The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild as well. Of course, I had saw all the raving reviews of the gaming industry. Plus, even my local news site mentioned the game, which was an indication that this game was well known by non gamers as well. So I decided to give it a try, and you all know the rest: I was totally bowled over by the game.

With this in mind I decided I took another leap of faith a couple of weeks ago. One of my readers, whose gaming tastes run along the same lines as mine, was truly in love with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Of course, I won’t spend some $70 without some thought, so I checked out some YouTube videos. Figuring I could always sell the game if it turned out not to be for me, I decided to go for it.

What surprised me was the amount of story in this RPG. From the beginning I was curious about why young salvager Rex lived on a creature that swims in the Cloud Sea. He dives into the Cloud Sea to make a living, which isn’t rich by any means. So when he is offered a job for a huge amount of money, he goes for it. Not even his beloved Gramps ( that’s what he calls the creature he lives on) can dissuade him. But why don’t these people live on the land? And why does Rex send such huge amounts of money to his aunt?

This is no superficial tale, and I happen to like a good story in a game. Although you can feel the emotions in the characters, there’s some humor and friendly banter too. I like that, those are the best fantasy books to read as well. The voice acting is good, what interesting dialects! The graphics are beautiful, the world of Alrest contain such detail. The towns are vibrant, there are so many shops that I have no idea what to buy.

There’s so much to learn in the game when you’re a newcomer. The fact that Rex is a Rider, and Pyra is what they call a blade, is totally alien to me. And how do I know what to buy, what items are of good use and I have to keep, and which ones can be sold for good money?

The battle system is something else, it’s a good thing that Rex automatically attacks, otherwise I’d be in serious trouble. I have read up a bit about it, but it’s still a jumble of unknown terms and names. I’m sure though that if I find enough time to practice it will get easier. And I do want to practice all I can, as I’m so curious of what will happen!

Sadly, I seriously lack good gaming time lately. Work has been so crazy and demanding, that I can only game a bit on my commute. I haven’t made it as far as I wish, but the part that I have played till now doesn’t disappoint at  all. In fact, I look forward to spending more time with Rex and Pyra over the Holidays.


  1. There is a lot to learn in this game. I still haven’t got to grips with the combat’s advanced features. So far I love the Xenoblade’s characters and worlds. The map could be better though and I hate how areas contain high level creatures that one shot you.

    1. I really have to find some time and sit down with the game for a couple of hours!
      Yeah, I experienced that too. While in the field I was back to where I began my playing session that day. Seemed I was slated by a high level monster!

  2. Good to hear you’re enjoying the game!
    You can tell a game or other such work has a good story if you just want to see what happens next. That happened to me a lot when I was reading Fullmetal Alchemist. The sense of suspense is a sign of good writing.

    Sorry your work has been taxing. I’m aware of how busy life gets for people, so I can relate. Don’t worry about the combat- the game teaches you gradually on how to handle it.

    Until I get this game, I’ve been playing Majora’s Mask 3D for the holidays. Why I decided to venture to Termina, a land with tragedy and a horrifying moon, I have no clue. So far, I’ve beat the first dungeon. Pretty enjoyable.

    Have a great holiday, Yvocaro! I hope your adventures with Rex and Pyra continue to hit the mark.

    1. Thanks! You have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your stay in Termina!

      My employer is always very good in letting people combine their private lives and work. Never a problem to work from home and such, but it I getting to the point where you can’t turn off your work mail anymore. That’s not a good place to be. I’ve been free for two days now, and in the fithe st day I still checked my mail and answered calls. Not today, so I’m slowly steering away. There’s hope yet, lol!

  3. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Xenoblade 2 so far! It’s one of my favorite games of 2017, in a year where so many amazing ones have come out. I love the characters, rhythmic battle system (even if it takes getting used to and there’s no way to rewatch tutorials), and cutscenes. It’s so weird to look forward to cutscenes nowadays, but the fight choreography is so cinematic and reminds me of watching my favorite anime. Hope you get time to enjoy it! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is indeed a very demanding game (so are all others in the saga), so concepts need some time to sink in. Once you grasp them, though, it will be smooth sailing for you. I am glad you took a gamble with this game and it paid off.

    Reading about concepts and the battle system online is an excellent idea. I had to resort to doing it since the game does not let one replay the tutorials. It was something that helped me quite a bit and made all the difference during the encounters with the toughest bosses.

  5. Hi Yvonne,
    I’m so glad you like Xenoblade and it’s your game of the month!
    Did you know you can watch the cutscenes again? In the ‘Event Theater’ before you ‘continue’ your story.
    It would be a nice adittion if you could watch the battle tutorials there again to!
    I did some reading (and watching youtube) online to, and it helps a lot (once your far enough and know what they’re talking about).
    I’m happy to read the other comments!
    The whole ‘driver – blade’ concept is new for xenoblade chronicles 2. The look, story, battle is completely different from the other 2 Xenoblade games, but still it feels the same. Amazing story’s, worlds, depth, music, gameplay.
    I’m still loving it and totally addicted!
    Groetjes, Ronja

    1. How far in the story are you, Ronja?
      I’m in chapter 3 now, slowly getting the hang of things. Reading up on internet sure helps, watching YouTube too. Although not many YouTubers manage to give a good explanation of the battle system. But then, it all goes so fast!

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