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First Thoughts on Disney Dreamlight Valley

You all know we love a good life sim game here at Ladiesgamers. One of my all-time favorite games is Disney Magical World 2.  The game where you get to run errands for Disney characters and do some light dungeon exploration and item collection. I absolutely adore this game, which was ported to the Switch last year.

dream valley LadiesGamers

Disney, life-sim, and adventure? Yes, please!

Now, Disney has announce a new game, Disney Dreamlight Valley. I watched the trailer for Disney Dreamlight Valley with great interest, which is described on the official site as “a hybrid between a life-sim and an adventure game rich with quests, exploration, and engaging activities featuring Disney and Pixar friend”. First off, I sincerely hope Dreamlight Valley isn’t in place of a Disney Magical World 3.

I can already see some big differences between the two-game styles. Disney Magical World sends you on individual tasks. Additionally, you build up the world around you, similar to a game like Story of Seasons. Dreamlight Valley has an overarching problem that you’re there to fix, the Forgetting. Disney Magical World is also a complete game upon purchase (aside from some minor DLC, especially in the first game), while Dreamlight Valley has discussed two price points. The purchase of a Founder’s Pack on Steam or Xbox Game pass for pre-launch access sometime this summer and a free-to-play version available in 2023 on many systems, including the Switch.

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Now, I’m a little sceptical. Free-to-play games are often loaded with “optional” add-ons that aren’t really optional if you want to make any progress. I’m very much hoping this isn’t the case and that instead, it’s more like the Sims, where you get an (often discounted, I’m told) base game that you can then purchase expansion packs for. But I’m getting ahead of myself because nothing on the website tells me what kind of free-to-play game it will be, so this is pure speculation at this point.

dream valley ladiesgamers

Watch this Site for more Updates

I am not traditionally a computer gamer (handheld all the way!), but I am so excited that I’ll probably jump on a Founder Pack when it becomes available and take this title for a spin. So, expect to hear more from me about this exciting new Disney game later this summer! 






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