First time at First Look

I will be biting the bullet next Saturday: together with my gaming niece Simone I will be going to the FirstLook Festival in Utrecht, the largest gaming event in the Benelux. The fact that I’ve never been to a gaming event before isn’t because I didn’t want to: it’s because no one wanted to go with me before! And it’s not somewhere I’d go on my own, how much fun would that be? This is the 8th year that the three day event is being held, and the website states that it’s the place where new developments in games, gadgets and hardware are first show to Dutch and Belgian audiences.Plus there will be room for.eSports, cosplay, Indies, live streaming, anime en retro.

imageWe’ve got it all planned: tickets bought, train tickets at the ready. I’ve made plans about which 3DS will have the pleasure of accompanying me. I think I’ll take two, my American one and the Japanese ones. Should provide for some nice Streetpass hits. My welcoming message is set to and I’ve studied the floorplan to see where to go first. I’ve made up my mind that I’m not aiming to play a specific game, because it will probably be much too crowded. I’ll just enjoy being there and taking it all in. And remind myself that no, I don’t need to buy all the gaming merchandise that I see. Although, an extra package of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards won’t hurt, right?

The fact that I’m a total novice at this is clear: I’m pondering on what to wear. I wouldn’t want to look all out of place, now would I? The only other convention I visited in the past years was the annual HobbitCon, and let me tell you: we didn’t blend in at all. The first year it was painfully clear that we were just about the only parents there with our teenage daughter. The years after that it got busier and there were more people like us…but I’m wandering off topic. Sorry. Back to Firstlook and what to wear. Because, let’s face it, I might well be the oldest person there!

For my readers who live relatively near; are you planning on going to? And if so, any advice on the dress code?


  1. Enjoy the event! I’ve not actually gone to a gaming con/expo before in the UK (let alone anywhere else) but I did go to the recent Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert event, and based on my experience there I suspect most people will dress casually, with a minority of cosplayers. Naturally you’ll want to be dressed comfortably, prepared for standing in line! Also based on my experience it’s nice to wear something gaming-related, even something subtle or small. That way it signals you’re a gaming enthusiast too.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about the Zelda concerts!
      Standing in line is what we will be doing a lot of I bet. But, that’s a good time to clear the gates for Streetpass! I must root through my closets then to find something game related.

  2. That sounds fun, I hope you have a great time!

    The closest thing to this sort of event I attended was Rose City Comic Con here in Portland, OR, which was a blast. If this is anything like that, I would just second the comments veryverygaming already made (dress comfortably, etc.). In particular, wearing some fan gear can be a good way to find & strike up a conversation with people who love the same games you do.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes! 😉

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