Fishing a fun pastime? Not in Stardew Valley!

Simulation games are the most fun when they entail many activities you could do in real life…but are too busy to actually do. Jobs like planting, watering and harvesting are often key, as are mining and fishing. As I’m a big fan of the sim genre I’ve played many games so I could say I’m a rugged outdoorsy gal with muscles. Or at least, my little YvoCaro is. She can work the field like the best of them, and mines don’t have many secrets for her. Fishing is good too, she finds it very relaxing at times to stand in the pouring rain trying to get the fishies to bite.

In Animal Crossing fishing is easy, just wait for the fish to nibble your bobber, press the button and the fish is yours. The bigger fish like shark can be a bit of a challenge, as the window of opportunity is very, very small. Still, an enjoyable pastime.

Rune Factory games have enjoyable fishing too, just wait for the bobber to move again and you can catch them fast. Makes for a very nice profit too. Story of Seasons games have good fishing too, you see the exclamation mark above the characters head when a fish bites. Pressing the button repeatedly reels him in easily.

Disney Magical Kingdom has fishing action too, though it’s not fish you keep: In a child friendly way, the fish goes back into the water. It does give stuff you need for your quests, like bubbles! Magician’s Quest back then had fishing too, which you could collect to fill up your magical book.

And now I’m playing a new simulation game on the Switch, Stardew Valley. I’ve mentioned it a lot lately, which is a testament to how much I’m enjoying the game. But there’s one thing I absolutely hate in the game, and that is…you guessed it… Fishing! Seriously, the only time I caught a fish is the first time I got the rod from Willy at the pier. He must have been secretly assisting me without my noticing. 

I’ve checked out Youtube videos, I’ve read about it on the forums, and in theory I know how I should play the mini game. But every single time I try, the fish eludes me. Today I tried fishing for a whole game day straight, my little YvoCaro was bored to death standing there all day looking at the bobber. Still, ever time we heard the little tinkling sound and saw ” Hit”  in yellow letters, we lost the fish.

Needless to say my YvoCaro went to bad depressed, a day spoiled and nothing to show for it…It’s not just that I’m losing a good source of income, but I also foresee some obstacles in the game, removing the community house. Any tips or wise advice, readers?


  1. I have the same problem!!
    Love the game, hate fishing in it.
    I caught 1 in the beginning to, the rest i have are form trash can’s.
    Tip’s are welcome indeed!

    1. Though I’m sorry you’re having the same problem, I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve tried it all, keeping Y down to keep the green bar up. Kept tapping at the Y, nothing helps!

  2. Oh gosh! Same problem here too. Have the game on computer and I bought it for PlayStation thinking that would help me with fishing-still no luck. Bummer!

    1. Bummer indeed! How are we ever going to finish the Community house this way 🙁 Actually, I was thinking it might be a Switch thing but if you’ve played it on PC and PS4 too, I guess it’s not!

  3. Fishing in Stardew Valley is a bit aggravating at first! It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I haven’t played the game in several months (oops) so I am sure I forgot how to do it lol! You know, the fishing in Doubutsu no Mori is a real pain as well. You have to time it JUST right or else the fish gets away! It’s much easier in the other versions of Animal Crossing.

  4. I just bought the switch 2 weeks ago and play stardew valley on it everyday. On the pc and ps4 i hated fishing! To difficult… but now on the switch i really manage to fish well. The more fish you get the easier it goes. The green bar will be less hysterical. With bait and a better rod it also gets easier and you level up. Although some fish are much harder to catch. Still love the game very much. Winter time is a bit boring so i go into the mines.

    1. Congratulations on getting the Switch!
      So on PS4 and Pc fishing is even more difficult? By now I have indeed caught a couple of fish, 5 perhaps. Still not getting any easier though, so I stand in awe at your progress!

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