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Fishing Paradiso Review

Game: Fishing Paradiso
Genre: Role-Playing, Adventure, Simulation
System: Steam (Windows, macOS & Linus) (also on Nintendo Switch, Android) 
Developers | Publishers: Odencat
Age Rating: EU 3+ | US E
Price: EU € 12,59 | USD $14.99 | UK £11.39
Release Date: June 2nd, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Odencat.

Fishing Paradiso 1 LadiesGamers
Encountering the cosmic fish.

Originally released for mobile devices in 2019, Fishing Paradiso now makes its way to PC and Nintendo Switch. The game opens with you confronting a swirling cosmic fish. Standing in a void sprinkled with stars, you are told that you have made it to heaven. Afterwards, you are unceremoniously dumped onto a small tropical island where your mentor, a bluebird, will teach you how to use a fishing rod. This opening sequence sets the tone for the remainder of the game. And let’s just say things are a little fishy…

Welcome to the Afterlife!

Fishing Paradiso LadiesGamers
Humble beginnings.

What does a day’s work look like in the afterlife? Well, you will travel between fishing areas, decorate your home, and advance the plot by completing quests. The game moves at a surprisingly fast pace, with multiple fishing quests to complete at any time. Altogether, it plays like a simplified mixture of Spiritfarer and fishing in Harvest Moon games, with some added RPG elements.

Nibbles, Rods, and Reels

Fishing Paradiso LadiesGamers
Most of your time will be spent in areas like this, reeling in silhouetted fish.

Fishing itself is basic, but it is also the main form of gameplay. You control the direction you cast your line and a gauge indicating distance. When a fish bites, you reel it in, occasionally loosening or letting up so your line doesn’t snap. These mechanics should be familiar for anyone who has played Stardew Valley, though Fishing Paradiso errs on the side of simplicity. I rarely found myself challenged; instead, I just enjoyed the uncomplicated act of fishing. Whenever I struggled to catch a particular species of fish, it wasn’t because of my own inability, but because I needed to upgrade my fishing rod.

Fishing Paradiso LadiesGamers
Fishing abilities and the upgrade menu.

You can spend money to upgrade line tension, casting, charm, and strength, improving your success at reeling in bigger fish. These upgrades are accessible via a menu on the righthand side of the screen. The whole process is streamlined, with quest completions granting money and new quests requiring upgraded skills. I still wish that something more was required of me as a player besides in-game currency. Returning to older areas after upgrading my rod made fishing mind-numbingly easy. After a while, it felt like the game was playing itself.

A Room with a View

Fishing Paradiso LadiesGamers
Some areas, including your house, are clearly designed with mobile screens in mind.

You start on a deserted island, but within the first hour of gameplay, you will build a home that can be decorated with lamps, windows, plants, and fish. These items are gifted to you after completing quests. Rather than placing them anywhere, there are set locations in your house that can be customized. This feature encourages limited creativity, and while it is far simpler than other simulation games, it does help you feel more alive and present within the world.

Fishing Paradiso LadiesGamers
A house so big, it barely fits on the island!

Hooked by the Plot?

The major selling point here is the plot, with a cast of unusual characters each of whom have complex goals and desires. Your main quest (to find the cosmic fish) becomes more convoluted as the game progresses. While charming, it’s hard to reconcile the plot with gameplay. Often, I would become ensnared in a conversation about heaven and hell shortly after catching a jellyfish. This comedic dissonance may have been intentional, but for me, it misses the mark. Altogether, I can’t help but feel Fishing Paradiso is overshadowed by Spiritfarer which also mixes whimsy, death, and fishing, but far more artfully.

Fishing Paradiso LadiesGamers
Just one of the many whimsical characters you will meet.

Conclusion: A Heavenly Getaway?

Fishing Paradiso offers serenity for those looking to relax; however, I’m not sure it accomplishes as much as its contemporaries. Games like Luna’s Fishing Garden and Spiritfarer occupy a similar space, boasting more engaging worlds, mechanics, and characters. Because of this, I hesitate to recommend Fishing Paradiso to anyone but the most avid fishing fans. If you have an insatiable wish to fish, then consider picking it up.

Final Verdict: I Like it. I like it


    1. It’s a great bite-sized little game. Definitely suited for pick up & play mobile! I do really love the sprites for the different types of fish.

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