Fishjong 2

Fishjong 2 Review

Game: Fishjong 2
Genre: Casual, Indie
System: Steam (Windows & Linux)
Developer|Publisher: IP Izmailov Vladimir Yurievich | HH-Games
Controller Support: No
Price: UK £6.50 | US $6.99 | EU € 6,99
Release Date: April 2nd, 2023

Review code provided with many thanks to HH-Games.

Fishjong 2 is a 2023 mahjong solitaire puzzle game developed by IP Izmailov Vladimir Yurievich and released by HH-Games.

Fishjong 2 level
A nice start…

Some Background

Mahjong is a Chinese tile-based game developed in the 19th century. Usually, it’s played by four players, using a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. On the other hand, Mahjong Solitaire is a single-player game created in 1981. Over the years, it was known under different names, including the Turtle, Shanghai, etc.

Fishjong 2 a "wheel" shaped level
I call it a wheel.


Fishjong 2 is the sequel to Fishjong 1, which I admit I have not played. However, I’ve played plenty of Mahjong Solitaire, so I am not unfamiliar with the game mechanics. Here, we have a classic Mahjong Solitaire game, replacing traditional tiles with ocean-themed pieces.

Every level has its structure of the tiles, and each completed level unlocks the next one. You can’t skip a level, and there are 108 in total. At each level, we can earn up to three stars. The more tiles you clear before clicking the ending tiles, the more stars you get. And, yes, in this version of Mahjong Solitaire, we have “ending tiles.”

In terms of the actual gameplay, it’s like every other Mahjong Solitaire. You find pairs of tiles on the board, and by clicking them, you eliminate them from the board. Sometimes, some tiles are locked behind a lock, the key for which is also a tile.

In the upper part of the screen, we see how many available matches there are, how many tiles remain, how much more we have to a star and the overall score. This is also where we get the dreaded message, “No more matches,” which means we have to reshuffle the board or restart the level.

In the lower part of the screen, we have several helpful buttons: one that shows us all the tiles underneath, one that shuffles the open tiles, and a hint button, which shows up pairs of available tiles we have yet to see. When we use one of these buttons, our overall score decreases. Fair is fair.

a tile set with numbers
a somewhat easier-to-remember tile set

Art style

If I had to describe Fishjong 2 in one word, it would be cute. It’s colorful and with rounded edges. The tiles and the background artwork are also pretty and ocean/sea-themed. For a game called Fishjong, it’s interesting that the developers have allowed players to return to the more traditional tile sets with Chinese characters and numbers. There are several sets in total, with one that is just numbers and card symbols. That set might be more accessible for players who find the more complex tile sets confusing. You can also change the backgrounds.

Fishjong 2 a tip about shuffling the game
That is a helpful suggestion.


The game doesn’t have difficulty settings. That being said, I found it relatively easy. Going through the levels was very relaxing and breezy. There is no timer during gameplay, and infinite replays are allowed.


Fishjong 2 is a nice and chill little Mahjong Solitaire game. It will be a relaxing experience for admirers of the genre and casual players.

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot. I like it a lot

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