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Flewfie’s Adventure Review

Game: Flewfie’s Adventure
Genre: Action, Puzzle, Adventure
System: Steam (Windows)
Developer|Publisher: Cosmic Boop | Valorware
Age Rating: EU 3+ | US Everyone
Price:  US $14.99 | UK £11.39 | EU € 12,49
Release Date: September 23rd, 2021

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Destination Cute

Flewfie’s Adventure is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game where you play a cute cat who flies around in a UFO spaceship, saving the cute universe from a somewhat equally cute villain. If you like your graphics dialled up to ridiculous levels of cuteness and awe then this is the game for you. For everyone else, there’s a pretty decent little adventure to enjoy.

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
Even the enemies are kinda cute in this game

A story of Fluffy as a Marshmallow

The world of Cutemellow is a colourful place filled with adorable big eyed animals. Within this world of cuddles and fluff is a Snail Scientist who is working on a top-secret experiment in the form of a UFO-like spaceship. While everyone is pretty and smiles in this world, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own evil. An angry cat named Uzzu breaks into the lab, takes the experiment and proceeds to invade Cutemellow with his army of evil (but still kinda cute) minions.

So it’s up to Flewfie to grab another UFO and fight good cute on bad cute to save the day. The story is presented in simple comic-style panels and it’s pretty easy to pick up for gamers of all ages. Much like a good children’s book, the plot is predictable but it absolutely does the job. If you somehow get through this adventure without saying “awe” at some point than you clearly have impressive resistance to the game’s hypnotic powers.

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
Just a cat with a UFO

UFO Adventures

The core of the gameplay is jumping into a UFO style spaceship and exploring various levels, shooting enemies, exploring for collectables and solving some basic puzzles. Controls are really simple to pick up and play. Move with the left stick and shoot with the right stick. You can also click a button to use your UFO beam to transport shaped blocks for puzzles and suck up hearts to regain your health. Very occasionally you will jump out of your spaceship to flick a switch and do some mild platforming. But in all honesty, the time spent in the air is much more interesting.

By destroying lots of enemies you can gain experience and level up your attack and defence. But additionally, you can find coins and a hidden fluffy animal within each level. By finding all of them you unlock a chest that may grant you UFO parts which will up your stats further and change your ship’s appearance. If you like your cosmetics you will also be pleased to know you can collect outfits for your cat and dress them up in some adorable styles.  

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
Controls are smooth and responsive

The entire game can be shared and enjoyed with a second player. But you are both locked to the same screen. It seems a bit of a missed opportunity that dynamic split-screen was not available so you could independently explore the levels separately. Still, this feels like a great game to enjoy with a child or a casual gamer.

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
Solve a puzzle to release the critter

Cat Niggles 

Generally, the design is simple and exploring around the levels is fun. My main niggle is the enemies and bosses become meat shields, the further you progress in the game. For those new to this term it means enemies require a silly amount of fire to take down, making the shooting kinda slow and tedious at times.

The only way to settle this down is to tone down the difficulty which you have to decide before you start your game as you can’t change it during, which seems silly. It would have made more sense to lean more into avoiding enemy projectiles and have less health rather than just make them hard to kill. 

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
Bosses are epic but require a lot of firepowers to take down

It’s in the Cards

But it’s not all about flying around in UFOs. This gameplay element acts as the core but the game also offers a card mini-game to play between levels with NPCs. A simple idea of choosing character cards with numbers and laying them in the right place to flip the opponents’ cards. It feels right at home in jRPG and is quite unusual to see a mechanic like this in a space shooter.

The downside to this card game is if you lose, your opponent takes a card from your deck. Not only did this bring back horrible memories of Final Fantasy 8 but since I didn’t particularly click with the game I just sort of left it and carried on. If you aim to see 100% of this game you will want to take the time to master this card game. 

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
This hauntingly reminds me of a jRPG from my youth

Paper Smiles

In case you couldn’t gather from the screenshots this game’s graphics are cute. Yes, everything has a charming fluffy feel to it, even the enemies. In a way, I kinda felt bad shooting at them but guess it just goes to show evil can take many forms.

The spirits themselves are 2D like paper so when they change the direction you observe their flat shape. It reminded me of games like Paper Mario. The soundtrack is very strong for this game. Cosmic by addictive beats that really suit the experience and in a way have a mild arcade feel to them.

LadiesGamers Flewfie’s Adventure
You can even dress up the cat

Conclusion – Warning: Critical Levels of Cute

Flewfie’s Adventure scores high in the cute factor but also serves to be a pretty decent mild space shooter. Levels are fun to explore and the puzzles nicely integrate into the shooting action. The shooting itself does become a bit grindy and dull as things progress, losing the appeal of playing this on a higher difficulty setting. The card game integration is also a nice feature but does feel like it will be hit and miss with some folk. Overall though it is a cute adventure well worth your time alone or with a friend or loved one. A game with so much cute in it should come with a warning label!

Final Verdict: I Like it
I like it

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