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Fly TOGETHER! Review (Nintendo Switch)

Genre: Puzzle, Action, Multiplayer, Party
System: Nintendo Switch
Developers | Publishers: Northplay
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $15.99 | UK £13.49 | EU € 14,99
Release Date: April 29, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Northplay

Fly TOGETHER! is developers Northplay’s sequel to the award-winning Conduct TOGETHER! which we reviewed and you can find here. In Fly TOGETHER! players take to the skies in a race against time to bring passengers safely to their destination by drawing flight paths and avoiding collisions in increasingly challenging action puzzles.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Transport passengers

Lets Fly!

This is a multiplayer game for up to up-to-8-player in battle mode. You can also fly solo, as I did since I’m “Paula no mates”. Or if you do have gaming friends you can hand over a joy-con and they can co-pilot through an expansive campaign. Complete contracts, upgrade your airport and collect a growing fleet of aeroplanes.

Fly Together LadiesGamers’s
lots of levels to complete

Your goal is to transport passengers and fly them to airports of the same colour, red, blue, yellow or purple within a set time limit.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind such as wind currents and flight paths because you don’t want a turbulent ride and you certainly don’t want your plane to crash into another player’s plane.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Single-player or tournaments

Upgrade to Better Planes

You start each level with 2 aeroplanes. At first, the aeroplane you use is the one the game gives you. But as you play and earn coins you can buy different aeroplanes and add them to your airport. You can upgrade the airport allowing more space to purchase more planes. The aeroplanes have different stats, such as that some will carry more passengers than others, at the cost of speed or how quickly the passengers’ board. Other planes go faster but don’t carry as many passengers.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Snow-covered level

As you’re transporting passengers back and forth to their matching coloured airport, you have to avoid certain hazards. As I’ve mentioned, crashing your aeroplane into a mountain or another aeroplane isn’t the brightest of ideas. If you crash and your plane goes up in a massive fireball, you get another plane in its place, but you lose precious time in the level.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Powers up to choose

Single-player to Multiplayer Modes

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Fly TOGETHER!, the single-player game is great and you can replay the levels if you don’t get 3 gold stars on the first go. I’ve played against the AI which is the closest I’m going to get to multiplayer. You can tailor the multiplayer to your needs by setting the time limit, the limit of the score, and the power-ups you want to use.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Something new to buy for my airport

Power-ups include a shield to protect your plane, a Toronado which can be placed on the flight path of your opponents’ aeroplane. Power-ups spawn in the field and you can fly over them to pick them up. These are a lot of fun to throw into the game and add extra challenge as well as bringing a bit of tactical play into the game.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Unlocked a new plane

Visuals and Controls

I like the visuals of Fly TOGETHER!. Bright, cheerful and colourful, what more do you need for a party multiplayer game. The music is just as cheery and fun as the visuals are which add to the overall package.

There are plenty of different environments to see and fly around, from deserts to snowy environments and more.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Don’t get lost in the clouds

Fly TOGETHER! controls in a few different ways. You can use the touchscreen which works pretty well. Using the joy-cons attached to the Switch works just fine too. You also have the option of using the motion controls with one joy-con.

I found that the motion controls work surprisingly well, far better and more intuitive than I thought they would. So Kudo’s to Northplay for getting motion controls to work so well. My preferred method of controlling the game is the touchscreen, in single-player mode.

Fly Together LadiesGamers
Airport and planes to use


Fly TOGETHER! is a very entertaining game, I would imagine with a group of friends playing the game it would be a right laugh for all involved.

I’ve enjoyed my playthrough of the game and the challenge of the game in the later levels.

Final Verdict: I Like It  I like it

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