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Free stuff Disney Magical World 2

Strange how such things go: I had looked forward to this next installment of Disney’s Magical World so much. I even had the game pre-installed! But with all the great games being released in October and November, the game got buried in the backlog. And now, with hardly having played it at all, free stuff is already available in Disney Magical World 2.

I did play it for a couple of hours, but at the moment, I lack the patience to stick with it. First impressions are that it’s another colorful and happy adventure. Beautiful graphics, meeting all familiar characters and a few new ones to the series. The game combines exploring, gathering of materials to make recipes, simulation kind of assignements with fighting ghosts that muck up the happiest place on eart.

Don’t forget to download the free DLC

Recently new DLC was added to the game.  This time you just read QR codes to get new items in the game. And reading them is easy, from your title screen. After starting up the game, choose “search for gifts”. Then go for “read QR code”, aim for the code in the little square and press A. Easy peasy. I’ll add the QR codes here, but just in case your 3DS won’t read these images, you can find them on the website for Disney Magical World.

You will get various accessories to celebrate  Mickey’s and Minnie’s Birthday, some things for Halloween and the Animals and Pals set. Who would have thought that Mickey turned 88 recently? I must say he doesn’t look his age!


  1. I can sympathize, as someone who has an ever growing backlog. The other day I bought Steins;Gate 0, but I don’t want to start it until I finish Root Letter. I wonder if you would enjoy Root, as you have previously rated other visual novels highly.

    1. I had Root Letter on my list as a must buy. But the price in combination with my huge backlog put me off for now. I am keeping an eye on it to see if there are discounts to be had.
      Did you play it? Was it as intriguing as it sounds?

      1. It was a bit slow at the start, but I am now enjoying it. Right now I have clocked in about 5 hours and am on chapter 7. I think the game is only 8 chapters long, but it has multiple endings. The game has you travelling to a town to find your pen pal from years ago. When you arrive you find out she has died and set off to solve the mystery of her demise by finding her childhood friends.

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