Friday’s cup of coffee, wk 39

Timageime again for our weekly cup of coffee. Sit down, what can I get you? A nice latte or a cappuccino? I’m going to have a nice piece of apple pie with my coffee. A bit of whipped cream too? We deserve it, don’t we? So, what happened last week?

On a personal note I had a high from receiving the Blogger Recognition Award. Always nice to know that people like what you write, and I get a change to recommend some other blogs too. Another nice achievement this week my next installment of the series The Right game for the Right time, this time about puzzle games. My low of course was my brush with the he boys in blue, but then I guess I should be glad i didn’t get a fine!

I tried to get some excitement out there about the release of Yokai Watch in the US. In some 5 weeks time to first game in the series will be released in English, and as the series is a huge success in Japan I’m curious to see what will happen here. Will the Yokai ( demons and spirits from folklore) be too much for the West? Will the game dwarf Pokémon here too like it’s doing at the moment over there? I’m guessing the media circus is gearing up, as Disney X D will be airing the animé series first episode on 5th October at 5pm (Eastern and Pacific) with daily episodes up to 9th October. After that the show will have a new episode every Monday at 5pm.yokai-watch

Have you ever heard of LINE? I hadn’t either, until I started doing some research into the app LINE Play months ago (made a little review here). LINE is an instant messaging service that was the largest social network in Japan in 2013, and since then has been expanding outside of Japan. It allows users to text, send messages and video and chat online. I’m bringing this up because I read that Nintendo has now opened an official LINE account (@Nintendo) that you can use to chat with Toad. Not sure though that he will really answer, probably just some randomly generated phrases.image

Today Animal Crossings Happy Home Designer is released in the US ( Europe has one more week to wait). I have it downloaded early this morning, but I haven’t found much time to play yet. I’m curious if the designing part will be enough to keep me interested long enough. But, you can bet I’ll let you know my thoughts next week.

animal crossing, happy home designer, e3 2015

Ever since writing in writing101 I’ve been reading the most amazing blogs. No idea there were so many people out there who have such interesting things to say, and do a great job of writing. I read one this week that I would like to bring to your attention. I’m pretty sure you all know someone who suffers from migraines, or maybe you have them yourself like I have. I feel it’s an underestimated ailment, I feel not enough is done to get to the bottom of it, and this article really struck me. Tracey describes in a mildly entertaining way a day in her life, when her migraine is slowly taking over. Read it here, and you’ll understand better.

So, enough about me, how was your week?


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