Friday’s Cup of Coffee 2016!

Normally Friday is the day for our weekly Friday’s Cup of Coffee. Last night we celebrated leaving the old year and greeting the new with a bang. So today it’s New Year’s Day, a Sunday over here, all the shops and grocery stores are closed, everyone gets up late. Christmas songs are getting really old, all that’s left to do is to wish everyone a great new year and take the decorations down. Not my favorite day in the year, can you tell? It always is so sad that the wonderful holiday month is at an end.


I’ve saved us some oliebollen, let’s eat them with our coffee. They are traditionally eaten on New Years Eve in the Netherlands. Sprinkled with powdered sugar they are a real treat!

It’s been quiet in my gaming world this week, firstly because even the gaming news sites seem to celebrate the holidays, and secondly because I’ve been in London for a couple of days. Let’s just chit-chat a bit, okay?

So first let me give you a big virtual hug and wish you a very happy and healthy 2016!!!  Tell me, what’s your tradition when it comes to welcoming the New Year? And is New Years Day a big deal for you, sort of prolonging Christmas? Oh and are you going to watch the new Sherlock on the BBC tonight? We are, we’ve been looking forward to it for a year now! Gotta try and make the absolute most out of the upcoming weekend, as it’s back to the grinding stone again on Monday. For you too? Don’t you hate Monday’s?…..image



  1. Happy New Year! I had forgotten about the new Sherlock, I will be sure to watch it though.

    I quite like how New Year’s gives us a week to relax after Christmas, I am not looking forward to my early mornings when I start back at work!

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