Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 10

It was frosty last night, but the sun is shining while I type this. Spring is really trying to get a foot between winters’  door and the garden is slowly coming to life. On a side note, every time I buy pots of daffodils or other bulbs to put on my kitchen table, I plant them in the garden after the flowers are gone. So slowly but surely, I get more and more nice Spring surprises every year, the first heralds for me that better weather is on the way. It’s nice here behind the window, so come on in and sit down! Coffee or tea this week?

Is your weather slowly improving too? I spoke to a friend in Virginia yesterday, and was surprised that she could already sit out in the garden! Before I give you the gaming news that stood out to me this week I wanted to share something out of real life. When I arrived at the railway station last Monday I was surprised to see a very colourful and welcome sight. Two trees on the square had been transformed into balloon trees, lighting up the otherwise dreary Monday morning. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you, this girl has some creative dreams, trying to brighten everyones day! This is what she wrote on her website Magical Daydream 

This might easily be one of my craziest blog-projects so far. With the help of 25 amazing volunteers, an aerial platform and more than 6000 balloons I created two balloon trees at the central train station of Eindhoven last Sunday.
My balloon tree project is a reminder for anyone with big, colourful, crazy dreams. I want to show that the only thing standing between you and your dreams is action. It’s one thing to imagine a balloon tree, a very different thing to actually create one. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I don’t have any special means or super powers. I’m just a girl with a colourful vision and enough dedication and passion to fill up two bodies. So if I can make this weird, happy, colourful dream come true, so can you make yours happen.

Inspirational, right?Eindhoven, balloon tree, magical daydream

Alright, on to this weeks gaming news that stood out to me.

  • This month should see the release of MiiTomo on mobile, and today we got word that Japan will get it on March 17. Close huh? Now we wait for a western release date.MiiTomo, pre register, bonus, styling mii
  • There is another game release that I’m looking forward too, not for 3DS or Vita either: Disney Magic Kingdom will be released on Android and iOS. A builder in which you can construct your own Disney Park. As a fan of Disney World this is a no-brainer for me, and at the same time, I’m amazed they haven’t thought of making this before! Gameloft is releasing this in coöperation of course with Disney, leading up to the release you can earn exclusive awards by registering on Facebook for the upcoming mobile game. Check out the trailer below, visit the homepage to register and I’ll keep you updated on the release-date.
  • Another game that was brought to my attention this week was Stardew Valley, a game that’s available on Steam since February 26 for EUR 13,99. Sadly not on any of the handheld of mobile devices, and as far as I’ve found, it can’t be played on a Mac either. So, you can only use a PC, which is the reason I can’t give you any first hand experience. That having been said, the way the game came to be is pretty amazing: a single guy’s vision of a farming simulation inspired by Harvest Moon. Now I know there have been more attempts to make a HM-like game, but what’s surprising is the reception of this game. It’s THE hot topic in the online gaming community. I’ve even read that a group on Reddit is helping people out who can’t afford the game! So if you are wanting to pick up this game, I think you can expect a warm group of friends to help you along. Here’s the trailer for the game.
  • A new Yokai Watch spin off is coming west this month. In Japan it’ s called Puni Puni, over here it will be named Yokai Watch Wibble Wobble. Apparently it’s a puzzler on iOS and Android where you battle Yo-kai using your blob Yo-kai (now called Wib Wob), connecting them together to go to the next level. For the fans of the series, this might be a nice way to pass time!

Yokai Watch, wibble wobble

Enough for this week, right? I guess we had better get going with our daily chores. Thanks for reading, and will I be seeing you again next week?


  1. About Stardew Valley: The developer said he will definitely port it to Mac (and Linux I believe) after all the bugs in the PC version are fixed and he adds a couple of things, plus finishes multiplayer. And he is a very good developer that puts many companies to shame, so rest assured, it is coming. It might just take a while because it is just the work of one man.

    As for consoles, he did say several times that he wants to make it available to many platforms, especially after the game became the huge success that it is. But again, he wants to finish the PC versions first. Which is good, since then we’ll get a complete game for the console ports instead of having to wait for patches that may never come, a la Dragon Fin Soup. People specifically asked about Vita and PS4 versions, which he says are very likely, so I’m actually holding out on the game for a year or two to wait for a possible Vita release. It’d be amazing if it came to the Vita, which has no farming games like the 3DS does, another thing I’m sure the developer knows about.

    1. A vita version would even be more perfect! I’m not much of s PC gamer, as you know I’m much more into handheld games.
      He is smart to iron out the creases first, that’s the best route to take. Otherwise he will surely loose all the hype all too soon.

  2. I LOVE the balloon tree. What a wonderful thing to bring into reality. It speaks volumes for the creator’s personality.

    As for Stardew, oh my gosh! I have been hearing about it heavily this past week. Apparently the creator has been approached by all the major parties to bring it to consoles and MAC. I love when a game moves people!

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