Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 12

Happy Friday my friends! A long weekend ahead for Easter, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, over here in the Netherlands we have first and second Easter Day. Much like for Christmas, that we celebrate with two days too. So, a very long weekend indeed with Monday free from work too. I’ve planned a nice Easter Brunch for my family, what are your plans? You know what, let’s celebrate with an extra special cup of coffee. Do you want whipped cream on top, and some cinnamon?

It’s been an exiting week for me. A fellow blogger who is a professional writer contacted me to ask if I’d ever thought of writing for a gaming website. Now of course, that’s exactly what I’m doGameRaven, writing gaming, ng for my own, but still, I knew what he meant. He meant writing articles professionally. Isn’t it amazing that someone would actually like my writing enough to put it on an official website? Anyway, that’s exactly what happened after he had me contact the editor of Don’t worry though, I won’t abandon our lovely little spot here on the Internet, but I’ll be writing for GameRaven too from time to time. A nice way to fund all the games I buy to play!

  • Which brings me back to gaming news for this week. Mini Mario & Friends will be released in the 3DS eShop on March 28. This free to download and to play game needs Amiibo to work. You can play the game with any Amiibo, but various Amiibo have special abilities to use in the game, so it’s a good idea to use various Amiibo.
    Folks in the US can play the game early: they get an access code when buying an Amiibo from GameStop, Amazon or BestBuy from March 25 till March 27th. I’ve played the older DS game of March of the Minis and quite enjoyed the puzzles. This one should be fun too, can’t go wrong with a free game, right? amiibo, mini Mario and friends, shop, free game
  • Staying on the topic of puzzle games, there’s a sweet little title available in iOS called Love you to bits. On of my readers, Emi G brought this to my attention when she mentioned her sister loved playing it so much. It’s a little puzzler, that somehow, even though we are looking at pixels and a relationship between a boy and a robot, is very sweet to watch unfold. Such devotion! It’s a point and click adventure that charms you into playing further with clever puzzles of course, made by Alike Studio. I’ve played a few of its 25 worlds, and I’m impressed at the diversity that’s offered. The one in the picture below for instance is a special one. You walk the globe and solve the season-puzzles in a certain order. The game is available in the iOS App Store now for a small sum (€ 3,99), and it should come to Android too this year. Plus it promises more free levels once you’ve downloaded it. So, my tip of the week!Love you to bits, mobile game
  • It seems this week is mobile gaming week here on Friday’s Cup of Coffee, because there’s some more news about Pokémon Go too: We already know this mobile game that’s expected somewhere this year will have you catch Pokémon and train them. What I didn’t know yet is that you can join teams, certain places in the world will be gyms, and you and your team can battle for control of them. If you already control that Gym, you can set one of your Pokémon to defend it. And it seems though that depending on where you are in the real world, new Pokémon and battling opportunities will become available. It also seems that for instance, Water Pokémon will be found when you’re somewhere near the water. Sounds better and better!Pokemon Go,
  • Last but not least, the mobile game Yokai Watch Wibble Wobble has been released in the US. (At least, I haven’t seen it here in Europe yet). This matching puzzle game is, of course, by Level 5 and it involves a lot of wibbly wobbly Yokai. Not much of a storyline in the game, as is the case in most of these matching games, but you wander around town fighting wild Yokai with your team of befriended Yokai. Reading a review about it on Gamezebo I read that it’s a game a bit like Puzzles and Dragons. And even though the guy reviewing it wasn’t a Yokai fan on 3DS, he was pretty enthusiastic about this puzzler.Yokai Watch Wibble wobble

Enough I guess for today, it’s time I go and colour our eggs for the Easter Brunch. I wish you a great Easter weekend, have fun and say hi to the Easter Bunny for me! Talk to you next week!


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