Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 14

Good morning, how nice to see you! It’s been a bit quiet here this week. Things have been so incredibly busy, with work and my writing gig, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t collect some nice gaming news. So let’s sit down and have ourselves a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Having fun in Miitomo

Have you been playing MiiTomo? I have tried logging in every day this week, and succeeded. But I didn’t succeed in answering all questions and chat with lots of people. I like it, it is pretty much what I’d expected. I haven’t figured out though how to make a chat session with a group of people like we could do in Swapnote, but then, maybe that’s not what it will be like. I really love the daily Mii photos, they always make me smile. The app is still number one here in the app store in iOS, although I haven’t spoken to many people who aren’t Nintendo fans and still enjoy it. We have had the first update, but I think it didn’t add anything new, just some issues fixed. One thing is for sure, it can be a huge time-sink if you let it! By the way: this can’t be Mii: I’m one of those annoying people who is always way to early for every appointment!
Miitomo, Mii photo

Wish I could play Stardew Valley!

A lot of my gaming friends are enjoying Stardew Valley on their PC (on Steam), and each and everyone of them is hugely enthusiastic. I would have long joined them if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a MacBook, and the game isn’t available yet on Mac. The game is a must for Harvest Moon fans, but I even hear feedback that this game is way better. That’s saying something! It’s a real success story for Eric Barone, who developed everything himself, art, sound, music, coding…the whole lot. Here’s a nice interview with him on Stardewcvalley, Barrone, steam, indie

Mario costume in Story of Seasons

With the easy way you can download DLC for your games, we see more and more cross overs between game franchises. This week, Famitsu magazine had four pages of news about the new upcoming Story of Seasons. You’ll now be able to customise your character using Nintendo themed costumes. They will include Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toads costumes. What’s nice is that they each have their own additional effects, for instance Peach’s costume will make it easier to raise friendship.story of seasons, friends of three villages, costumes

Dragon Fin Soup on Playstation

I’m seriously going out on a limb here: a bit of gaming news caught my attention about the game Dragon Fin Soup. The title had me interested, and I really like the graphics on this RPG by Indie developer Grimm Bros. The news I read wasn’t great: players who had bought the game on PSN for their Playstation or Vita were still waiting for a major bug-fixing update. But still, the game intrigues me, and when I read the world of Dragon Fin Soup is set on the back of a giant space turtle called Asura who swims the multiverse of space-time, I was sold. I was instantly reminded of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and it seems the developers are huge Terry Pratchett fans. Has anyone else played this game?

Dragon Fin Soup, Extra chunky, Vita, Steam, Indie


That’s it for this week. What have you been playing this past week? I’ve been heavily into Bravely Second during my commute, which reminds me: did you manage to pick up the free demo in the US? Not far from release in America now.
Thanks for joining me, let’s meet up again next week. Have fun gaming!


  1. I have been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney lately! It’s a really good game. So much so, I made my profile picture one of my favorite characters in the game! I’ve also been playing Final Fantasy VI too. I’m still early in the game at the moment, so no official feelings on the game yet. And I finished a play-through of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. Sadly, I am aware about how Europe hasn’t got the game yet… Going to let you know it’s just as good as Awakening! So, my gaming week has been a success.

    1. Oh you’re playing one of the series I’ve wanted to love! I tried getting into Ace Attorney, tried twice on different games but it’s just not working for me. Still in doubt though about what I’ve overlooked though, that’s how much I want to like the game..
      I have FE Birthright ready on my American DS, but I’ve been so into Bravely Second! Loving it.

      1. Yeah, I get your point. Ace Attorney isn’t exactly for everyone. I think maybe you overlooked the personality the characters have, which is part of the reason people love the series. And I’m well-aware you’ve been really into Bravely Second lately, with that game’s version of Edea on your banner (I can tell she’s probably your favorite!) ‘n all.

  2. Don’t get me started on DFS!
    The giant turtle in the intro is the best thing … after that … 🙁
    Really really disappointing and over hyped game.

  3. I have played Dragon Fin Soup to for like 3 hours.
    I didn’t like it at all!
    I agree the intro is the best! And i really like the fary tale aspect.
    But the controlles/ the way the girl moves is really bad!
    For me the irritation of the way she moves was enough to not want to play further.

    If you had to walk to a monster and slay him, walking to him and wave your sword isn’t good enough.
    You had to make sure you worn’t just next to te monster but really facing him befor striking.
    A little thing and logical you may think.
    But the controlls are sow slow… its terrible. In the time you need to turn you caracter’s getting slaughterd by the monster.

    Sorry my english isn’t super. I hope you understand anyway!

    1. I should have asked you guess before I downloaded the game, haha! Thanks though for your thoughts, I’ll give it a try too. I had read that story mode isn’t good, I’m hoping the update will change that.
      By the way, your English is perfect!

  4. I’m digging miitomo. I wish I had more friend s that played it tho. It’s definitely a time sink like you said.

  5. I’ve been playing MiiTomo daily! I really like it. It’s what social media used to be in a way. It was a miracle that my boyfriend actually got on it too. He doesn’t really use apps other then Youtube and a web browser. I hope he likes it.
    I’ve played some of the Bravely Second demo and finally picked up some street passes for it recently. I can’t wait for the game!

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