Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 20

Come in, come in! It’s that time again, time to collect the gaming picks for the past week. This time I’ve made myself a large cup of Rooibush tea instead of coffee, but if you’d like some coffee, be my guest! Let’s dive in, this is the news stood out for me this week:


Release Fire Emblem Fates in Europe

It’s a special day today here in Europe, as Fire Emblem Fates has been released today. Well, finally! I’ll never understand why it takes them so long sometimes to bring games that have already been released in America to Europe, or vice versa. I have been playing halfway through Birthright, and I really liked the story. I guess I’m always partial to good story telling in a game! Fire Emblem does another good job at this, and this time, the characters even have feet. How refreshing!Fire Emblem Fates, IF, Birthright

Nintendo will be going into movies too!

Nintendo is looking across its normal boundaries it seems: some time ago I told you about their Nintendo Land, an amusement park in Japan. We all know about their crossing over to mobile gaming, and now Tatsumi Kimishima  the company is working on at least one movie project. We won’t see any results soon though, Kimishima talked about the first project being 2-3 years away. IP’s like Mario and Pokémon have been named, but I know who I want to see in a movie: Pikmin of course! They have already proved that they can be big stars in the short videos in the eShop! Have you ever seen them? Here’s one of them, so sweet!

Final import item Tomodachi Life

The final special import item has been distributed through Spotpass in Tomodachi Life, two years after the game was released in the west. The only way you can collect missing Special Import items now is to obtain them from friends or with QR Codes.Final export item, tomodachi life

Pokémon GO field test in America

Pokémon Go, the mobile game that is nearing completion, is a game that relies heavily on augmented reality and tracking locations real-time. So after the field test in Japan, it will be tested in the US now too. If you are interested in partaking, you should visit the Niantic site. No assurance that you can join in, but it’s worth a shot, right? I wonder if they will be field testing in Europe too?Pokemon Go, smartphone, iOS,android, app

Amaterasu feline costume Monster Hunter X

I’ve said it before, I wish I like Monster Hunter, now even more: the Monster Hunter X game will have an Amaterasu felyne costume but sadly it’s not for me. What I coincidence that I wrote about Okamiden just this past week! Seriously, this video really, really wants me to give it yet another try. It looks so good!!

Hamtaro makes an entrance in Story of Seasons

Pretty soon the new Story of Seasons game will be released in Japan. The game promises to be another great entry. Remember Hamtaro? I remember the little hamster from when my daughter watched the tv show way back then. Apparently he is going to make an appearance in the new game as a collaboration pet character. Cute!Hamtaro, story of seasons

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters on mobile

Recently Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters was announced. It’s going to be a cross-media project that will feature an anime, toys, digital card game for kids and games. You will be looking at a new story where smartphone apps will be the key, with a living AI called “Appli Monsters,” also known as “Appmon.” They say that there are as many Appmon as there are apps in the world! It seems that Digimon stay tuned with the changing times too. Might be an interesting mobile app to keep an eye on!digimon world, appli monsters

That’s it again for this week. Did you enjoy your coffee? I hope to welcome you again next week and in the meantime: keep on gaming!


  1. i signed up for the Pokemon Go beta and I hope I am lucky! I was excited they would bring in Amaterasu and his weapon in the new Monster Hunter game. I already have little plushies of the monsters XD

    1. It is almost making me want to play Monster Hunter, lol! Do let me know if you get into the Go Beta program, I’m curious! Maybe they’ll test in Europe too…

  2. Aww, Hamtaro! I love him so much. Hopefully that game makes it to the U.S.- even though the game isn’t all about him, I’d still love to play a game with him in it!

    1. I’m pretty sure the game will make it west, as all Story of Seasons (and Harvest Moon games before that) have. So you can can cuddle him virtually in time!

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