Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 40

efteling, sprookjesbos, anton pieck, ladiesgamersAgain a week has passed, October already. Before you know it the year will be over! What will you have? Coffee or tea? Because I’m being flexible here, you can have tea too! A nice cup of Earl Grey?

Last weekend I visited the Efteling with my family. This fantasy-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel here in the Netherlands is fairly close to where we live, so this wasn’t our first visit. But it certainly won’t be the last! The park opened it’s door in 1952 and has since then evolved from being a nature park with a playground and a Fairy Tale Forest, to being a full-sized theme park. The greenery, all the flowers, and the elvish like decorations are still in abundance all around the park, as are the fairy-tale references in statues, names and buildings, all designed by Anton Pieck. They have added fun rides too to stay with the times, and attracts teens as well, but still, they’ve managed to keep the romantic, quaint and nostalgic feeling. As you know we have visited Disney and Universal Parks before, but the Efteling can still compete. Should you ever visit the Netherlands, make sure to go there!  Efteling, Friday, cup of coffee, weekly news

My gaming week revolved around Happy Home Designer. The game quickly gets addictive, It just won’t do to throw furniture in the houses and be done with it. I guess it’s like playing with a dolls house, you want every room to be perfect. And sharing online, visiting friends projects, surely helps to make the game from very good to great. By the way, you can read QR codes for patterns too, so if you want some cool patterns to make paths in the animals gardens, you can check out Bidoofcrossing’s Tumblr page!
As I mentioned last week in my first impressions of the game, our Ladies&Gaming group on Facebook has really gotten into trading Amiibo cards. If you want to join in, just contact me on Facebook!

Last Friday I mentioned that Nintendo had opened an official LINE account that you can use to chat with Toad. Nintendo has added another feature for LINE: stickers showcasing the world of Animal Crossing! Apparently you can use these stickers to spruce up your messages to friends. Line, stickers, animal crossing

Lots of Animal Crossing news this week. Remember Louie the gorilla from Animal Crossing, known for saying “toots”? Nintendo of Europe has announced that Louie will become available as free downloadable content today in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer at launch. He will be available in the US as well through Spotpass (from October 6) and will bring exclusive Super Mario items with him, such as 1-UP Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Star, and Yoshi Egg.

Louie, happy home designer, gorilla,

The WiiU game that had such mixed reception when announced, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, will be released in Europe on November 20th ( releasedate for they US still is Q4). Though I wonder if this game will be a success, it brings us some cool new Amiibo!

Amiibo, Amiibo festival, WiiU, animal crossing

Last tidbit of news: Yokai Watch release date for Australia and Europe has been moved forward to December 5th, so not early 2016! So once again, Lighting the fires of excitement! 


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