Friday’s Cup of Coffee wk 41

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Phew, let me catch my breath for a moment…it’s been a busy week. Lots of things going on at home, I’ll not bore you with all of that, but I’m really happy to sit down with you for a nice cuppa! I don’t know exactly where you live, but over here in the Netherlands Autumn has really arrived. And it seemed to me that it arrived overnight. Tuesday morning, getting up at my usual 6 am to take the dog for a walk before getting ready to go to work, I was suddenly confronted with leaves everywhere on the ground and wet and dismal weather. But then, Autumn also heralds the start of the festive season, with early evenings, a fire going in the hearth and little candles lighted. A nice time of the year!

I’ve been playing Happy Home Designer on my 3DS all week. I already liked it from the first, but I must say it gets even better the longer you play. The game expands as you read all study books ( one book a day). This unlocks the entire bug, fish and painting collection ( thanks, Blathers!). It gave me the sewing machine, to read and make QR codes for my patterns (Pintrest, here I come!). And a lot of the design-jobs you do for the animals unlock a collection of furniture, wallpaper, flooring and other items that make you feel like Christmas has come early.

Tom nook, Amiibo, Amiibo cards, happy home designerI had planned on not spending much money on the Amiibo cards, I feel it utterly unfair that they are so much more costly in Europe compared to the US. Yet, I already have bought four packages 😊  Some animals bring the most amazing item sets with them, like a complete Halloween set or Christmas set. One of the packages contained Tom Nook, the one most Animal Crossing gamers have nightmares about. Always looming over the gameplay because you owe him so much debt in mortgage. Do you know what he brought with him when I decided to design his house? His own picture and an umbrella. Stingy! I gave him the most boring house that I could make, that’ll teach him!

Tomorrow I’ll attend my first gaming event, FirstLook festival in Utrecht, and I’m really looking forward to it. I want you all to know I took your advice on how to dress to heart:

Firstlook, festival, what to wear, Ladiesgamers.comAnd today I downloaded Chibi Robo Zip Lash, as it’s released in the US ( release in Europe on November 6th). I’m not really sure if it’s going to be my kind of game, I’m not into platformers at all. But I feel as if I have to support the little guy, as he is a gaming icon for me, even if he is only 10 cm high. I wrote a bit about the upcoming game here, and about the reasons I love ChibiI’ll be sure they let you know my thoughts after I’ve played for a bit.

Thanks for listening, I hope you have time to meet here again next Friday?Chibi Robo, zip lash, 3ds,


  1. Happy Home Design sounds awesome! I’ve started the game, but haven’t had much time lately. I was super happy to fix up Lopez’s house! I’ve liked him a lot in new leaf. Have fun at the festival!

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