Friday’s Cup of Coffee wk 42

So once again a week has come and gone. I must say that this weekly Cup of Coffee here on makes me even more aware of how quickly the time passes by then the “Game of the Month” blogs already do! But here we are, the middle of October already and the weather in the Netherlands has turned cold. We even had our first layer of frost already in the early mornings. I’m going to get myself a strong cup of black coffee. Do you want milk and sugar in yours?

Once again we got a little nudge that the first mobile game that is the result of the collaboration between Nintendo en DeNA, is close. That makes it twice now that DeNA’s West CEO Shintaro Asakohas tried to pique our interest. Well, he is succeeding! And in addition to that he stated that there are five games in he making in various genres. I’m really curious!

I wrote a review for Chibi Robo Zip Lash on the 3DS this week (you will find it here). I feel the game’s release didn’t get enough attention in the media, this sweet picture with Chibi Robo concept art was posted on Facebook by Nintendo. One of my readers tipped me about this one, isn’t it a great pic? (Thanks Katrina!)Chibi Robo, Nintendo, concept art,

We finally got word about the Amiibo Card Collectors Album: an album to put all your cherished Happy Home Designer Amiibo cards in. It will be released in Europe and Australia on October 22nd, and will include a package of Amiibo cards. I wonder if there will be enough albums available! If you can’t get your hands on one, this might be a very good alternative. Pages to print with all animals on it, you can out it in a normal binder in sleeves!

Last weekend I wrote about my first visit to a gaming convention, FirstLook Festival. In retrospect, the thing that stood our most to me were the Animal Crossing figurines that where there. Just to gawk at of course, no holding! They will be available together with the Animal Crossing Festival game for the WiiU in November.Amiibo, animal crossing, FirstLook Festival, Utrecht,

Some time ago I wrote about the upcoming mobile AR based app Pokémon Go, being developed by Niantic. Nintendo and Pokémon Company are active partners in the development, but now we hear that both companies have boosted their investment in Niantic too. Together with Google they invest a combined $30 million into the company. Nintendo is part shareholder in the Pokémon Company too, so quite a big part of the money comes from Nintendo in the end! I hope we will see wonderful things!

Nintendo clearly intends to take the Tomodachi title all the way: as of tomorrow, a Dutch version is available. Just in time for Sinterklaas, this might be a fun title to play for smaller children!

And some more release news: the release for Mega Yarn Yoshi is imminent too; only available in Toys ‘R Us they will launch in the stores at November 1st in the US. Their Twitter feed already states that supplies will be extremely limited!Mega yarn yoshi,


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