Friday’s Cup of Coffee wk 44

Cup of coffee for you? I have been thinking of taking it without the whip cream today, and without the apple pie too…better for the waist right? Lots of gaming news this week, which is nice, as the working week wasn’t really giving me much energy…So, let’s get going!

* NintendoLife published an interview this week with Thomas Lipschultz from XSeed, who is fortunate enough to have worked on the localization of Popolocrois, a Story of Seasons Fairytale. I’ve played the game for a bit in Japanese, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release in the West this winter. If you would like to know more about the game and its roots, the interview can be found here.PoPoLoCrois, 3DS, Japanese game, Harvest Moon, releasedate west

* Nintendo’s marketing machine is trying to get some commotion out there for the Yokai Watch game that will be released next week. I’m not sure if I would have chosen this wacky approach, but hey, I’m no marketing expert. I just hope the game will get a good chance to impress!

* Good news for Monster Hunter ánd Happy Home Designer fans: Both North America and Europe will receive Monster Hunter-themed furniture for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Looking at the image it seems there will be a Felyne villager making the room request, and available items will include a Poogie, decorative armor sets, a quest board, a trunk for item storage, and a spit with meat on it.
The Monster Hunter items will arrive in European copies first via SpotPass download on November 2. They will come to the North American Nintendo 3DS a week later on November, happy home designer, monster hunter, spotpass

* I talked a bit about Stella Glow, the New JRPG game coming to America on November 17. My preview of the game is here. The American eShop now has the demo available!
The other game that I talked able it in the same article, The Legend of Legacy will launch for 3DS in Europe on February 5, 2016, as a physical and digital release.Stella Glow, witches, Hilda, Song magic

* At the game convention a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a download code for Hoopa. Now America will be able to get it too. The legendary Psychic/Ghost Pokemon will only be available at McDonalds from November 27 to December 23. Visit MacD with your 3DS with X and Y or ORAS, and choose Mystery Gift from the menu.Hoopa, ORAS, legendary

* The 29th of October was an important day for Nintendo because of the highly anticipated investors strategy briefing in Tokyo. I’ve written two articles about it already, about the sales facts and figures of the past year, and about the first smartphone game, or rather app, that is expected in March next year. Another tidbit of news was the announcement of the successor to Club Nintendo. The new service will be named Nintendo Accounts, and will be released in March 2016 too.

Enough for now, right? I hope we will meet here again next week, and take care out there!

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