Friday’s Cup of Coffee wk 45

Sit down, make yourself comfortable. Your regular cup of coffee? How has your week been? Halloween celebrations perhaps? We don’t really celebrate it here in the Netherlands, but I’ve seen some great costumes on social media.

  • Lots of gaming news this week, which is good, because the working week wasn’t exactly inspiring. When I went to pick up some Amiibo cards during my lunch break I saw one unclaimed Amiibo Card Collector Album just lying around there. Unbelievable as I know other people had a lot of problems to just get one. So that’s when inspiration struck me: I’m giving away one Amiibo Card Collectors Album to my readers, so be sure to comment on this post and leave your email address. You may be the lucky winner! Here is the link to the giveaway. image
  • This week we see the second challenge in Happy Home Designer, accessible through the Happy Home Network in the game. November’s challenge is to design a house with a theme based on a battle between giants. Once you have participated, you will get an Inflatable Resetti en a Robot Hero. So, get designing!Designer challenge, resetti, robot, HHD
  • During my commute and in the evenings I was on a inspired mission: a mission to progress in Rune Factory 4. After picking the game up again after several months, I’m very much into the storyline, and fairly amazed at how big this game is. I’ve finished the first arc, seen the credits roll, and put in s lot more hours since then. It seems that I’m not even halfway in the game. Nice feeling if you are really in the mood for a specific game, and there’s load of game left to play!Rune factory 4,
  • Not long now before New Style Boutique 2 will be released in Europe (November 20). I guess my European 3DS will finally see some action, it’s been a long time! If you are not sure if this simulation/management game is for you, you might want to give it a try first, it’s available as a demo in the European eShop. I wonder why there still is no announcement though for an American release!image
  • Yokai Watch is released in the US today. Even though I’ve got the original on my Japanese 3DS I bought it on my American 3DS too. I liked it enough to want to play it in English. At the same time the actual Yokai Watch will be in stores in America in January. It’s s toy watch that doesn’t really let you see the time, but you can put medals in it from different Yokai. The watch will make sounds and there’s also a light to search for spirits. The watch is all the rage in Japan. In North America pre-orders open on 6th November, and orders made before 31st December – with a deposit of $1 to $5 required – will receive an ‘exclusive Jibanyan “Paws of Fury” medal’. The retailers offering this deal will be Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, GameStop and But, first the game. Will you be picking it up?image

Look at the time ( on my real watch)! Funny how the time flies when you’re chatting about something you love. Let’s meet again here next week, okay?

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