Friday’s Cup of Coffee wk 47

A cup of coffee for you? Is it just in the Netherlands that coffee is sometimes called Black Gold? Sure feels that way when I make my first cup in the morning! Well, let’s sit down and get comfortable. Just enjoy your moment of peace and quiet and I’ll fill you in on the news.

My American friends will be celebrating Thanksgiving next Thursday, a day to share love and friendship and to be with your family. We don’t celebrate it in the Netherlands,  but for years I’d virtually witnessed it with my gaming friends overseas. What fun to hear about the plans for family gatherings and for the wonderful things that would be cooked in preparation. This year it reminds me all the more of my gaming friend who has left us; her family will undoubtedly never celebrate Thanksgiving in the same way again.Gaming friend, Lynn, thanksgiving

New Style Boutique 2
One of the games I was looking forward to, New Style Boutique 2~Fashion Forward, is released in Europe today. Sadly no American release date yet. NintendoLife reviewed the game and it scored a 9 out of 10! Pretty good huh?

Style boutique, miniatures, doll house, women gaming, games for girls

Yo-Kai Watch
The game on the 3DS has been in stores in the US for a couple of weeks now, and the passwords with which you can claim a medal to get a new Yokai or another helpful item. I’ve gathered some of the passwords that you can input in the PostOffice (second window)

  • TW0B1T5 ( the 0 is a number)
  • Ank (letters are case sensitive), good till November 22nd
  • Thank you

On this Reddit article you will find images of QR codes that will give special medals as well. Yokai, jibanyan, medal, qr code

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
The first impressions of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival aren’t very hopeful as far as I’m concerned. First impressions are that it’s a good party game, which I guess is great fun with the family during the upcoming festive days. But secretly I’d hoped for more, with the Desert Island Escape news we got on last Nintendo Direct. Lottie, Mabel, Amiibo, WiiU,Amiibo festivalAmiibo, animal crossing, Amiibo festival,

Giveaway of the Amiibo Card Collectors Album
Pretty soon the Giveaway of the Amiibo Card Collectors Album closes, and I will pick a name from the entries. You only have till November 22nd to add your comment to the post! Giveaway here




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