Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 51

I had a choice this afternoon. A choice to get busy and clean my house, or to go and have a cup of coffee with you. A choice between vacuum cleaning, mopping the floor and generally tidying the house. Or to sit down, relax, have a nice cuppa, chat gaming with you and hear your stories of this past week. Let me tell you, the choice was easily made! Time for our weekly cup!

Are you all ready with your holiday shopping? I am, almost. Just some little things to buy, I’ll do that tonight. Then the presents are bought, the package to my friends across the sea have been sent. I don’t have much cooking to do, as we are having Christmas dinner at my brothers. What will you be doing this Christmas? Having guests over, or are you a guest yourself?

  • If you are feeling particularly festive, don’t forget to send me a picture of your Christmas greeting, and I will post them on here the 24th of December. You will find the details of the event here.Christmas, greeting card, blogging
  • Are you playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer? If you know the series, you’ll know that they have some amazing jingle and otherwise festive furniture. There are several animals who have parts of the Christmas furniture: Bianca, Curlos, Daisy, Flurry, and Puck. So if you have the Amiibo cards for them, it’s going to be easy!HHD, Animal Crossing, Jingle, Ice furniture
  • I have three polls running on the site to determine the Handheld Game of the Year 2015. One for the 3DS, one for the Vita games and one for Mobile games. After all, handheld games can be either of those categories! So don’t forget to vote!2015, game of the year, 3DS, fungames
  • Don’t you love it when a game moves with the seasons? It’s one of the things that I loved in Animal Crossing. Come December 1st you’ll see the first snow falling. My daughter is enjoying Sims 3 at the moment, and it has the change of seasons too. Mobile games are great at that too, updates make it easy to infuse snow in the game…much like I’ve done with my theme here on the site!Christmas, winter theme, app games, mobile games, snow theme
  • Have you seen the pictures of “A Guide to Village Life”? It isn’t an official publication for Animal Crossing, you don’t see the name of the game anywhere in the book, but the fans will recognize it for what it is: a gorgeous book made by a fan, with images that seem to be drawn rather then printed. It’s created by Kari Fry. More details here.Fan art, animal crossing book,

Well, I guess there’s no help for it then…time to get some chores done around the house! Will I see you next week again? I’m curious to hear if Santa brought you anything game related this year! Bye!


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