Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 6

Ah, there you are! I was just beginning to wonder if you would be able to make it today. Come in, come in. The usual for you? It’s not the time yet to let go of the diet, so I’m going to take my coffee black again. Maybe a little piece of very dark chocolate to go with it?

  • Once again I had a little giveaway to host, for Radiohammer. A eShop only little rhythm game that I won’t be playing myself, but I’m glad to pass the codes along. If you like rhythm games, don’t forget to check out this article to register for the giveaway contest.giveaway, Radiohammer, eShop, rhythm
  • Good news for the Popolocrois fans like me: last week I told you about the releasedate for America, being March 1st. But now it seems Europe, Australia and New Zealand will get it sooner, on February 18, only a short week from now. Are you exited about the upcoming game? You can find more details and get in the mood for Popolocrois, a Story of Seasons fairytale on the official site.popolocrois, story of seasons, fairytale, release
  • Remember when I told you Pokémon had a commercial lined up for the Super Bowl? The Pokémon Company invested $ 5 million on the commercial. The clip attracted some 18 million views on YouTube, and it generated 41.000 social interactions across social media. 88% of the reactions were positive, so I’m guessing the investment paid off!
  • As long as we are talking about Pokémon: There seem to be false pages circulating the offer to register for a Pokémon GO beta testing program. Don’t fall for it if you should get one, as they only want you to click the link, with all trouble that follows. The Pokémon Company has stated that they aren’t planning any beta testing sign up at this time.pokemon go, mobile, wristband, catching
  • While I wasn’t watching (well, more accurately, I wasn’t paying attention) a game was released for the PS Vita that might just be my next game to play: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. Now I never played any Digimon game, nor did I ever watch the tv series. A gaming friend pointed me to the game, and it might just be the one for me: monster collecting, breeding new monsters, turn based combat and a bit of suspense too! If I do decide to go for it, I’ll let you know. digimon, ps vita, cyber sleuth, mystery
  • Europe already has the demo for Bravely Second: End Layer in the eShop, offering ten hours of gameplay. You will be able to bring your reached levels over to the game when you decide to buy it, which is always nice. I’m still on the fence about this one. I suspect it’s a wonderful game, but I haven’t yet finished the first one….edea_lee, bravely second, end layer
  • The third batch of Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing, and the collectors album that goes with it, will be released in Europe on March 18. They are really releasing them non-stop, aren’t they? This series will feature Rover, Blathers, Pete, Mabel and Wendell (and many more of course)animal crossing, amiibo cards, series 3, wendell, mabel, blathers

Enough for now, don’t you think? Just a last question, have you already gotten around to filling out the survey that I made? I’m curious to see my readers reactions, so if you haven’t yet, you find the survey here. Thanks, and see you next week!


  1. I’m really excited for both Pokémon Go and Popolocrois. The Digimon game sounds interesting too with the monster collecting aspect. Lots of stuff to look forward to!

    As much as I love music games I’d feel bad if I were to win twice in a row so I’ll be passing for the Radiohammer giveaway. And buying the game myself supports Aksys as well, which they deserve being so generous with their codes. 🙂

    1. Aksys will love you for it, lol!
      I’m downloading popolocrois too, and I think Digimon. (What happened to my intention of finishing my backlog first? )

    1. I’ve just now started playing Digimon, getting to know my way around. It feels like s strange environment to me, but then I don’t know s thing about Digimon…

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