1. I don’t understand either. It seems release dates are so weird these days. Like Yokai watch, not releasedate for Europe. And Style Boutique, not even a word if it will be released at all in the US!

  1. Is Popolocrois similar to Rune Factory but with turn-based battles instead of one-on-one combat? Or does it have less farming simulation than Rune Factory also? I’m still undecided about buying it.

    1. From what I’ve seen in the Japanese version, it’s more a turn based RPG then a farming game. Less farming then in Rune Factory. But I’ll play some more in the English version to tell you more!

  2. My PSMD copy has been despatched. I will def get Popolo at some point. Have pre-ordered FF Fates CE. Have done pre-reg for new My Nintendo account. Do much happening! So many great games coming out for 3DS!

    1. Too much for a poor gamer with loads of backlog! Well, I have an American 3DS so I’ll be downloading it there. Could do it today, but I’ve got so many good games going already! Where to find the time!

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