Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 9

I know, I’m late! I wanted to have coffee with you earlier today, but I was up seriously late last night wrapping up everything I’d seen in Nintendo’s Direct, so I’m a bit late today. Do you still want coffee, or will you have trouble sleeping if you get your caffeine shot this late? Let me tell you, we have seen so much rain today here in the Netherlands, pretty soon we are going to need a boat to get around. Gruelling, that constant grey curtain of water. The bulbs in the grass are really trying, but even they can’t cheer up a day like this!

Let’s see, what’s news is left after Nintendo’s Direct in my wonderful world of gaming?

  • Square Enix has updated the Japanese site for the upcoming World of Final Fantasy. It’s a spin-off title where a pair of siblings are transported to a world filled with Final Fantasy characters. Seems to be a great one for the fans, and judging by the info I’ve seen, I will keep an eye on it too. For some reason I’m always attracted to chibi-fied characters, is that weird? The game releases in for PlayStaion 4 and PlayStation Vita sometime in 2016.IMG_4201
  • Story of Seasons, Cherished Friends of Three Towns for the 3DS will be releasing in Japan on June 23rd. according to Famitsu magazine. Still, it might take some time to get the game West too.Story of seasons, famitsu, cherished friends
  • The European eShop got a little WiiU title that might be interesting this week called UHost. With it, you will be able to host your own game show: one player controls this trivia game and is able to invite up to four friends to play. There are a 1.000 Trivia questions included, but you can also make your own questions. There’s no American release date yet. image
  • The Dutch PSN Store has a nice offer for The Arland Atelier Trilogy Plus, all three Atelier games (Meruru, Totori and Rorona) in one download for Euro 55,-. If you are looking for these game on the PS Vita and you don’t have any of them yet, this might just be a good deal for you!arland, rorona, meruru, totori
  • McDonalds has a nice new idea for their Happy Meal: In Sweden it’s releasing 3.500 Happy Meal boxes that can turn into VR Headsets for your mobile phone. And there’s no need to pay a hefty price for this VR headset!

VR, MacDonalds, Happy Meal

That’s all my news this week, have I missed something important? Going to say goodnight now, and let’s meet up again here next week, okay?






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